Hey!  Summer is in full swing. Days are beautiful and not too warm. Each day is just another day in paradise. Its vacation time. Have you planned all through the Winter and Spring for this Summer vacation? Its going to be great! You'll pack those suitcases, handle all the bills, stop the mail and any pending deliveries for atime. Arrange for the dog's kenneling, Tell your neighbors you will be on holiday for a couple weeks and to please watch your place, pack the family in the car and away to Lindburgh. Its Vacation Time!

Whoops. You arrive at the airport, stand patiently in line until you finally step up to the counter to the smiling face of the clerk and announce your destination. Whoops again. The smiling clerk drops the bomb on you: Baggage Fees!

Did you know that last year that smiling clerk collected $3,500,000,000 ( thats 3.5 BILLION) in baggage fees? Did you know that Delta Airlines alone collected $865,000,000 in baggage fees last year? Whoops! Delta, for example, charges $25 for the first checked bag and $35 for the second. Oh, and if you're going international rather than just to see the family here in the states, expect to pay $125 to check your bag. Wait ... bags 4 through 10 cost you $200 EACH! Oh yes, there are now also "fees" for seat selection as well everything you should get aboard the plane apart from perhaps water, coffee and a soft drink.Yikes. All this after we, the taxpayer, saved the airlines industry from total collapse by bailing them out of financial disaster. Its called, "GOTCHA!"

But, no worries. You've saved your money for this trip. Someone has to end up with all your money so it might as well be the airlines, right? Have A Great Vacation ....You're gonna pay for it!

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