When I was a weeun, many years ago, I remember standing with my mates watching a farmer working on his tractor. Seems he was having engine problems. He could start it, keep it running by revving the engine but the whole tractor would begin to shake and pretty quick the engine would fail with a loud explosion and a puff of black smoke.  The farmer would curse, hit the tractor with a large wrench and start all over., Each time he got the engine running the tractor would again begin to shake ever wilder, parts actually falling off or thrown away. There would be a loud explosion and a larger puff of black smoke. This was great theatre for us guys. Being raised in normal families, unlike today, we smiled and elbowed one another but never ever dared to laugh out loud or mock the farmer. This went on for atime until finally, upon the final effort of starting the engine, the farmer gave up when something metallic exploded from the side of the block, the engine gasped and the entire tractor seemed to just sag and die there in the field. Well, our show was over and we went about our way searching for another adventure.

Today, as we watch the United States Government, like the tractor, shake, smoke, rattle and throw parts in the air in its own self destruction, I am reminded of that episode so many years ago. From the time this president and all his sycophants began their loud and boisterous march toward "Hope and Change" and "Sharing the wealth" their engine has run ever rougher. Brought about by lies, distortions, character assassination and the gullible stupidity of the population this nation elected its first black president. Of course, his only qualification for the office was Affirmative Action but, hey. he is the first black president. From his first days to this, his gloating, bragging, class warfare division of the nation and continuing thirst for MORE OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY has so divided the nation that a once proud, prosperous, respected nation has fallen deep into the abyss of massive debt, mockery and almost universal distrust. He has lied and mocked everyone and everything from his first days in office and continues even today with his moonwalk, "I didnt know", "It aint my fault" kindergarten attempts to cover his tail over Obamacare and every other debacle and fiasco HE and his mob generate.

Millions, tens of millions of citizens are losing any medical coverage they had bought an paid for because of his lies and misinformation and he still grins for cameras. The first day 6 people signed up for his much vaunted medical care. HIS law dictates that up to and including 65% of all medical insurance policies WILL be cancelled owing to his OBAMACARE and he grins for cameras. And isnt odd that he and his cohorts have exempted themselves from what he describes as the "Superior" medical coverage? Now, why would he do that???

The list of parts falling off his "tractor" goes on and on. IRS, Benghazi, Social Security, ATF, Dept of Justice, Fast and Furious, NSA spying, "Stupid" cops, bigotry and racism in his speeches, and the list gets bigger and bigger and he keeps on grinning for cameras..

I shake my head in wonder. Could it be that he truly is a stupid as he appears? That he truly DOES NOT KNOW? No. Cant be that. Could it be a case where the boss is just a figure head, completely ignorant of almost everything and those surrounding him, realizing this, just keep on keeping on because there is literally NO ONE THAT CAN STOP THEM? Can this be the case?

So, as we watch the "farmer" banging on his tractor in the field, listen to the gasping and wheezing, seeing the parts flying off the engine, hear the explosion and see the big puff of black smoke over and over, do we laugh our butts off at the predicted failure or do we cringe in horror at where that "farmer" has taken us so far? If he can accomplish so little yet create such division and class hatred in such a short time what then can he hold in store for us in the next few years????? Unlike my mates and I, we can no longer wander on down the road in search of yet another adventure. We're living it and ITS A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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