Is La Mesa FOR SALE? Ask Laura Lothian!

Election 2012 is almost here. Tomorrow, we the people, will elect from the top of the ticket,, a United States President all the way down to our local city council members. Democracy has fantastic benefits but some important responsibilities as well.

Knowing who is running for elected office and what they stand for takes time and energy. But more important, finding out who’s paying the bills with campaign contributions is a must.  Laura Lothian has been pretty busy in the fund raising arena, but the press and even the alleged new citizens oversight committee (which only endorsed Lothian) appears to be asleep at the switch.

On October 24, 2012, a California 496 form was filed with the La Mesa City Clerk’s Office showing three contributions to Lothian and her campaign.

How large you ask? Just a mere $45,432.96.

From whom you ask? Two Real Estate Political Action Committees (PAC), one located in Los Angeles California and believe it or not, one in Chicago Illinois.

 Wow! Chicago? Los Angeles?

 Wow! $45K?

Wow! Why?

Simply stated, two PAC's are attempting to buy a council seat in La Mesa.

That’s right!  Lothian is running for an elected position which pays $57600 in four years and receives a $45000 contribution from her industry – real estate.

It really should come as no surprise. All Lothian talks about is real estate and flowers and real estate and trash in peoples dumpsters and....did I mention real estate?. If the community looks good – property values are higher which means real estate commissions are higher. More money for Lothian.

Win Win for Laura?

Chicago? $45K? Really?

On Election Day you have a responsibility. Big out of town money or local home grown La Mesa folks?

Please join me in voting for Kristine Alessio and Shannon O’Dunn. Two proven  communityleaders NOT paid for by any PAC!

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