Today we celebrate the foundation of a new nation. Today, all those years ago. fifty six men gathered to denounce the actions of a tyrant and declare themselves free men, declare their homes free, declare their land for Liberty. All this, sworn to and based upon their belief in their God Given Rights. From then until only fairly recently this has been the very foundation of our nation. Printed on our very currency, spoken in benedictions, public and private prayer, openings and closings of official ceremonies, dedications to our honored heroes and their actions. And then came Communism, then came Atheism, then came the ACLU,  then came corrupt courts and judges, then came Progressivism, then came The National Socialist Democrat party and with these groups and organizations also came their massive and far flung efforts to revise history. They have carefully,  relentlessly and insidiously re-written our history to reflect their jaded, their perverted slant. They have re-worded, deleted, spun or just simply omitted history. Did you just hear what I said? THEY HAVE REWRITTEN HISTORY!. And, to make it even worse, they have indoctrinated at least two generations of children in their perverse rewrites and these children now believe what they have been indoctrinated with.

Just the latest example:  Know what this is?

This is the beautiful new World War II memorial in Washington D.C. I know, it took over two generations for the (ugh) government to get around to erecting this but at least its here now. BUT ... on the Pacific side of the memorial is the inscription: "Yesterday, December 7, a date which will live in infamy, the United States was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the Naval and Air Forces of the Empire of Japan." The inscription goes on to say, "With confidence in our armed forces, and the abounding determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph."  And IT ENDS RIGHT THERE!. Thats not President Roosevelt's quote. The President said, " ...we will gain the inevitable triumph ... SO HELP US GOD."

Its not there. History has been rewritten, or in this case DELETED!  Doubt me? Go find the speech and read it. Its there. So, now we know we have yet another example of the Progressive effort to rewrite history to reflect their own perverse beliefs. I would then ask, why do we continue to allow this? Who gave these perverts the right to alter or just erase and rewrite the history of a nation? To erase the causes for which men and women fought and died? WHO ARE THESE PERVERTS? I'll tell you who they are:  they are the "everyman" on the street, in the car in front of you, in the shopping line in front of you, the dull and glassy eyed person you see every day driving and talking on their phones or texting. They are the ones who, sheep-like, flocked to polls TWICE and elected their own perverted hero PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  They are the ones who occupy downtown areas throughout the nation, breaking windows and wallowing in their own filth for television cameras. They are the press who, giggling, tell the world that they feel that tingle down their legs when they think about their new black president. The people who edited out what they thought was unimportant cast in bronze their own beliefs or lack thereof for the world to see. But, a generation still remembers. A generation still honors, A generation still looks at the Iwo Jima monument with tears, at the Viet Nam monument with tears, at the flag with honor and now at the WW II monument in tears. And their government DOES THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you know the word, "METASTASIZE"?? It describes the "spreading throughout the body", generally referring to Cancer. I would submit to you that, like Cancer, Progressivism has metastasized throughout the body of the nation and here is just the most recently discovered example. What do you think of that???

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