Sometimes I find myself agreeing with another La Mesa Today member, "Batman", when he maintains that people have "Sucker" emblazoned on their foreheads. I try to put that aside as I follow the "News" events each day but again and again that image keeps creeping back. I watch as Japan suffers one of the worst storm events in recent history. Thousands of lives lost. Homes destroyed. A way of life severely impacted by the forces of weather. And who rushes to help? Why the United States first and foremost, frequently exclusively I might add. The Philippines is ravaged by yet another storm and who is there? Haiti collapses beneath a massive earthquake, Southeast Asia is awash with a Tsunami. Disaster after disaster. And who is generally the first to respond? Who is often the only one to respond? Who always spends zillions of dollars to aid the suffering? Do you notice a dearth of assistance form practically any other countries? Of course you do. So I think to myself, "Why is it that America, itself suffering, itself crushed beneath a staggering debt crisis, a medical care crises, a Socialist administration bent upon crushing the middle class out of existence in order to give it all away to those too lazy to do anything for themselves?, why is it WE always are there when needed?" Why indeed?

Massive storms wrack our nation creating widespread death and suffering, incredible loss of homes and businesses, years of painful re-building, lives that will never be the same. Help arrives almost immediately. First  from private organizations followed by much vaunted yet always lacking governmental agencies. Billions of dollars pour into coffers to help in any way those suffering. Caravans of truckers carry supplies, food and water is airlifted to waiting hands. And, in the midst of all this where is that assistance from the countries we continue to help during moments of great trial? Have you ever seen those airlifts from Great Britain or Japan of anyplace in Europe or ANYPLACE ELSE coming the assistance of Americans suffering? Uh Nope!

So I wonder if perhaps "Batman" could be correct with his "Sucker" analogy?

This morning I read about the suffering of ranchers in western South Dakota. The recent giant storm wracking the nation dumped four feet and more of snow on that area bringing the death of over 14,000 head of cattle, over 1200 sheep, some 300 horses. Ranchers in neighboring Montana quickly began shipping - DONATING - livestock to those impacted South Dakota families in effort to help them back on their feet. I look up in the sky and just do not see those overflights from France and from China or South America with supplies for those Americans suffering. Where are they?

Americans, by the very definition, are self sufficient and ask nothing from outsiders but at the same time those outsiders always seem to be looking the other way when WE suffer but sure are quick to demand money and goods from US when anything happens there, arent they? Iraq invades Kuwait and seizes everything for themselves, including their rich oil fields, and we go to war to help them, never asking for anything in return. Then, when the invader is vanquished we hear demands that we leave. No longer needed, thank you. Katrina leaves an American city in such devastation that it will take generations to bring it all back, if ever, and did you hear anything about those European or those Phillipino rescue flights?

So, we sit in our own part of the planet, helping ourselves and certainly everyone else. Americans always helping other Americans but certainly expecting no reciprocity form ANY other group of people. Why do we do this over and over and over? The only answer I can ever come up with is because we are wired to Help The Other Guy. Thats just what we do. Its not an affliction for us. It is just a blessing that most Americans feel the need to "Make it better" for the other guy. Thats one of the things Americans are about.

Now, if we could convince the government of this we would certainly be in a better place today.

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