Help me. I dont understand. I follow current events and news as closely as possible without heaving and retching and this recurring phrase keeps cropping up: "The American taxpayers will have to tighten their belts, they will all have to make sacrifices". Thats what is stumping me. I recall railing about Bush way back when he ignored the shouts and clamoring of voters to help with the border, to stop the Republican spendfest, to DO SOMETHING apart from grinning and waving. Nothing happened and the government spent like they were insane - at all levels.To the shudders and angst of half the country, the Progressive Socialist Democrats took over Congress and the Punch and Judy show began. The "mortician", Dingy Harry, is announcing the total loss of the war and is making treasonable speeches to the Senate and the press. The Grand Dame Socialist from San Francisco is screeching her "give it all away because we are far smarter than anyone in the country" speeches. AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT!. So, controlling the entire government, including the supposedly all knowing, all seeing Supreme Court, they set the nation's course for fiscal collapse, unimaginable unemployment, give away programs no one could even imagine, total support for any and all anti-American groups, support of corruption within and without, ad nauseum.  Now, staggering from what the Republicans started and was continued by the socialists, our third world nation finds itself in a rather pickle.


The corrupt, bloated and self important NEA screams for ever more money "for the children", whilst they continue their indoctrination program, totally forsaking education of those same children (look at math and science scores! Far down the list and NEA demands more money and substandard teachers still). Congressmen, themselves in league with the money grabbers and equally corrupt, make speeches of condemnation now about their former partners in crime and successfully distance themselves from the sewage THEY created. A corrupt and sycophant press supports and champions all these things and trumpets the glory of a socialist state. Along comes a neighborhood anarcharist, one who has learned his hatred from his church, his friends and colleagues, and captures the eye and ear of the great unwashed and, perhaps college educated, the massively stupid and gullible public. In hoards they rush to his rhetoric and sweep him into the Presidency. Hell, who was his opponent? An airhead from Arizona whose only claims to fame were his detention in a Vietnamese prison and his abundant willingness to "work across the aisle" with his socialist best pals.


So now that we are dependent upon foreign financiers for our existence and "our" budget and deficit reaches beyound the moon because of the insanity of one small group of people in government, WE MUST TIGHTEN OUR BELTS AND MAKE SACRIFICES! This is where I am confused. Did YOU screw up these things? Did YOU make a multi-trillion dollar budget? Did YOU demand an atrocity of a "health care" law that will steal even more money from YOUR personal budget? Yet, WE MUST MAKE SACRIFICES! WE MUST TIGHTEN OUR BELTS. Help me.  Explain to me why you and I must sacrifice for the stupidity and idiocy of the tiny minority. It beats me.  David Stanley

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