I have studied history for the past sixty years or so. I have studied the events of both world wars extensively and each day I see direct and disturbing parallels to the daily events of our country over the past few years. I know the groveling press, whose Constitutional job it is to be the watch dog of government, either fails to see or finds it far too inconvenient to report on those parallels. Also disturbing is my observation of our populace in general and their parallels to past societal failures. I remember the political meddling of government that led to deaths of over 58,000 men and women in my war. I remember the "peace marches" of the 60's and 70's. developed and directed by the socialist anarchists of the day and reported in flourishing splendor by an even then corrupt press. I remember standing in the line to stop these "persons" and their wanton destruction, not "for peace" but for the thrill of toppling a government not in line with the Marxist theory. I remember the smell of these "people", their hatred fulminating and the stupid ones in the mobs, there for the thrill and so empty headed to think they were just having fun. I watched as homes, business and, yes, books were burned to the screams and chants of those same socialist anarchists, heroes to the press, much of the government and those in college, too stupid to think for themselves.


I watch the films, as do you, of cheering, wild eyed populace, screaming as their Fuhrer drives by, arms held high in worship. I watch the book burnings, church burnings, business burnings and people burnings of that era and see the direct parallel to the anarchistic marches of today. Then and now the hatred of anyone who does not agree is blatantly bannered on television about the world. I listen daily to news and hear Progressive Socialist Democrats mock, ridicule, belittle, smirk, scream outright lies, destroy lives, careers and reputations, burning hatred toward any who do not, will not follow the party line. I shake my head at all but a few press outlets who, not only champion but actually cheer along with the anarchists in this hatred and mockery. I listen as these same socialist Congressmen proclaim support for service personnel even after calling those same service people, Nazis and likening them to Pol Pot in their constant genocide of poor innocent terrorists. And the press and college students cheer, throw paper in the air and vote for fellow socialists.


Hatred is a wonderful thing I suppose. It really can unite a people. Hatred can really make you see straight when all your life you have been trying to create a life for yourself and those around you. Hatred can elect the right President, someone to bring "A Change You Can Believe In". Hatred can generate the will of an elected Congress to destroy that very thing they each swore an oath to protect. Hatred can drive a thriving nation into a morass of debt and misery requiring generations to correct. Yep, hatred. All this study and turns out to be such a simple thing. Wasted my life studying when it was right there in front of me all along.

David Stanley

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