Grossmont Board Compromises On Boundary Shift

LA MESA -- The Grossmont Union High School District has been struggling with parents upset over changes to the attendance zones for the next school year.
Last night the board voted to give families in transitional neighborhoods -- that is those that will be changing in the future -- to have a choice for one more year.
Here is the district's official statement on the issue:

EL CAJON, CA—The Grossmont Union High School District held a special Board meeting on Thursday, February 16, to review its newly enacted policies regarding the new high school boundaries and open enrollment, as well as consider alternative options for the 2012-13 school year.
In an effort to support neighborhood integrity and sense of community, the Governing Board approved the following long term changes to its enrollment practices that expands parental choice to families located in the transition areas.
All parents who live in transitional areas may choose to enroll their incoming 9th grade student in the school of the attendance boundary going into effect in 2012-2013 or in the school of the attendance boundary that was previously in effect.
A transitional area is defined as a school attendance area that has changed as a result of the boundary changes approved in November 2011, specifically excluding students whose previous attendance area is currently served by a charter school. This guarantees choice for future incoming 9th graders between old and new school attendance boundaries.
The District will proactively communicate this option to all affected students and families by providing information in their child’s enrollment materials.
Following is a brief description and timelines of the Transitional Boundary Transfer and Open Enrollment processes for 2012-2013:
1. The District will offer “guaranteed choice” boundary transitional area transfers. Incoming 9th graders in a transition area between new and old school boundaries could elect to transfer to the old school instead of going to the new school. Families must commit by the March 2 deadline for transfer decisions. (The transition area will remain an on-going choice opportunity.)

2. After calculating “new” enrollments, the District will conduct the annual Open Enrollment process.
Guaranteed Choice Boundary Transitional Transfer Timeline:
February 21-23, 2012 Transitional transfer letter is mailed to incoming 9th grade families in transition areas
Feb 23-March 2, 2012 Families notify district of intent to transfer.
March 5, 2012 District mails letter confirming transfer is made.
Open Enrollment Transfer Timeline:
March 5, 2012 Open Enrollment letter mailed to all incoming 9th grade families.
March 7-20, 2012 District accepts Open Enrollment applications in person at Assessment office, by phone, and online.
March 23, 2012 District mails letters home regarding Open Enrollment acceptances.
March 30, 2012 Deadline for families to present letter of acceptance to school and notify school that they intend to transfer.
April 9-13, 2012 Sites follow up with families whose transfer was approved.

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