Tree Mapping Project Will Ask For Your Help

LA MESA -- La Mesa resident Robin Rivet, an arborist with a passion for all tree things, is making the rounds at community events pushing an interesting interactive project.

"It's a community tree map,'' Rivet says. "You will be able to join, identify and list the trees on your property, estimate their size and it will even calculate how much you are contributing to reducing carbon in the atmosphere.''

Rivet, who speaks about trees with the kind of passion and urgency usually associated with religious prosyletizing, is promoting attendance by tree lovers at a free March 1 seminar at the Center for Sustainable Energy at 8690 Balboa Ave., suite 100, in San Diego. Click here to pre-register.

The seminar -- called the "Urban Tree Benefit$ Workshop" -- will introduce San Diego County's Urban Tree Mapping Project.

The mapping project, which will be built using an interactive Google map, will allow property owners to add their own trees to the maps being populated at this time by various San Diego cities that keep tree inventories of public parks and properties.

The project materials said the new mapping project will assess the ecological impacts of trees by creating a colorful, interactive Google-based map linking critical environmental values to the trees growing in local urban areas. It will provide ways for muncipalities, businesses, schools and individuals to enter new data into the map to calculate the return on investment their trees provide, from conserving water and cleaning the air to saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Tree inventories for street trees in 12 cities, including La Mesa, have already been entered, but anyone can enter date into this map within the geographical boundaries. A feature within the map will help guide your entry if you are uncertain of a tree's species or name.

The map will eventually be found clicking here, but is not yet live.

Rivet recommends attending the March 1 event to get fully versed in this project.



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