Lets see now. The American Consulate is attacked, the Ambassador and three others murdered. Unmanned drones overhead videoing the incident, live video feed electronically sent to the crowded White House Situation Room where it is viewed in real time by all that really matter in the Administration. CIA analysts preparing and rapidly sending updates to the White House, even as cries for help are received (and ignored I might add) and men are dying. Military officials sit with thumbs in dark places and refuse to send assistance to their own people. Days later an official CIA report is sent to the White House indicating a terrorist attack was made. A President stands in the Rose Garden and lies to the press and the American people then rushes off to Las Vegas to pander and bribe unions and dimwits for votes. A United Nations Ambassador, who has NOTHING to do with anything regarding the attack and murders, is issued walking orders and strict talking points (which are all lies prepared by the White House goons and thugs) and appears on five, count them FIVE different sunday television "news" shows and lies again to the press, the nation and the world.  Weeks later the head of the CIA, a once great American, one David Petraeus, lies once again.  Two weeks after the murders the President, you remember him, the one who grins, lies then bribes his way into re-election, yeah him, the President addresses the United Nations, the home of all the tyrants, dictators, liars, thieves and murderers that we support, and six times lies to them. Now, all of a sudden, the CIA, who everyone knows is the straight arrow organization and all straight shooters, announces that they told the black messiah and his gang of thugs that this was a terrorist attack from the beginning and certainly NOT a demonstration brought about by some unknown You Tube video. The CIA adds that their report was edited to show the demonstration aspect rather than the truth. AND NOW .... The black messiah and his gang of thugs stand, arms crossed, shaking their collective heads and cry, "NOPE. Wasnt us. We didnt do it. We didnt change anything" Did I get this generally correct?


So gosh. Who (or whom) should we believe here? MSNBC and CNN, who quickly and repeatedly announced that the poor muslims were merely demonstrating? The CIA who reportedly was issuing ongoing updates to the Situation Room? A know-little, politically appointed "Ambassador" who knows only what she is told to say and has no business saying it in the first place? A black messiah who has repeatedly lied to the press and nation for YEARS whilst grinning and aping for cameras? ALL National Socialist Democrat Congressmen and Senators who are attached at the hip to their thug leader? The FBI, tasked with "investigating" the incident but are unable to even gain access to the compound for weeks after the incident?  FOX news, who is practically the only news outlet reporting the matter without the required political spin and slant, within days are in the compound and are reporting regularly about all aspects of the matter whilst the FBI, you remember them, the big time detectives who cant even get in the door for nearly a month, sit in offices and try to look official. A disgraced CIA Director who lies once to the nation then attempts to cover his lies by telling us later his organization had it right all the time but that the White House, for political reasons, edited and altered his report? A panel of loonies in the Congress who pontificate and play to cameras for future votes and give the impression if indignation and righteous investigation whilst the entire nation knows completely and totally that, like the Kennedy assassination, it will all be glossed over and nothing will come of it?


Boy.  I am at a loss here. Maybe we should all just go back to sleep or just focus more closely on the plight of "Housewives" and "Dancing with the Stars" where the really important stuff is going on? I mean, thats pretty much what happened up to and on election day wasnt it? Whom can we believe today? Do we continue to blindly and stupidly follow YOUR black messiah over the cliff or do we finally begin to ask real questions and demand REAL ANSWERS??? I'm scratching my head here.

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