GMO Expert, Attorney and Author Speaks at Club Meeting Sept 2-La Mesa Community Center 7PM

SAN DIEGO (August 28, 2015) -- Steven Druker, attorney and author of “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth” will speak at the Sept.2 meeting of the La Mesa Foothills Democratic Club.  The Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month at the La Mesa Community Center, with doors opening at 6:30pm and the event starting at 7pm. His talk, entitled “Why Genetically Engineered Foods Are Unacceptably Risky and Unequivocally Illegal – and Why Most People Are Utterly Unaware of It” is open to the public.

David Schubert, PhD, Molecul
ar biologist and Head of Cellular Neurobiology, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, will provide introductory remarks. “This incisive and insightful book is truly outstanding,” Schubert said. “Not only is it well-reasoned and scientifically solid, it's a pleasure to read - and a must-read. Through its masterful marshalling of facts, it dispels the cloud of disinformation that has misled people into believing that GE foods have been adequately tested and don't entail abnormal risk.”

Druker's book is an eye-opening exposé of how genetic engineering entails human health risks that are not posed by natural plant breeding and how a large number of eminent scientists and scientific institutions have systematically misrepresented those risks. The FDA became an accomplice to the deception and enabled GE foods to come to market by covering up the warnings of its own scientists, lying about the facts, and deliberately violating federal food safety law. 

Druker filed a federal case against the FDA against their policy of accepting all Genetically Modified foods as "Generally Recognized as Safe" (GRAS) and uncovered the truth behind our modified foods.

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