Gimme, gimme, gimme, I want it and I want it NOW!

I have been given to much deep thought following election day and the continuation of the Thugocracy. Romney, you remember Romney? The "Empty Suit"? Yeah, thats the one. Romney stands up a couple of days ago and stupidly tells the country why he lost: Gifts from the head thug and his gang, pure and simple. Well, perhaps not so simple as that but I would say that what he said was pretty accurate, just about a bulls eye. But all the while the National Socialists leap about, shout, "WE WON" and worship their messiah. Typically of the National Socialist Democrats, they laugh, giggle, mock and strut (you can see the head thug doing that daily). And, perhaps not so typical, we are watching Republicans slithering about, mouthing Nazi agendas as a way to try to recapture any forward momentum. You'd think they would learn but nope. Same gang of cock roaches, just a different day. A few real Conservatives but, for the most part, those wee beasties creeping finally from behind the baseboards once again.

Each time I allow myself to mentally splash in the sewage of National Socialism I am strongly reminded of Louisiana, perhaps the most morally and politically corrupt state in the nation for many generations. Their politicians, both parties, have long practiced charactor assassination, rumors, innuendos, deflection, mockery, lies and towering empty promises to the ignorant and mostly uninformed. They toss heaping handfuls of gifts and freebies in order to buy votes from the stupid and dimwitted electorate and, by golly, it works every time. Now, where have we seen all this before? Exactly the same tactics used by the back alley thugs and union goons in Illinois, more specifically, Chicago. And, by golly, it worked in 2008 and again in 2012.

Now please understand. I did not vote for Romney. Like many other Conservatives and Independent voters, I VOTED AGAINST OBAMA. That the Republicans have been unable to field decent candidates for several voting cycles is probably the driving reason that the nation has become a Socialist state. That women, who by all appearances, seem to live in a "There, there" world thus voting for a person who talks a strong position but in truth, and in their eyes, is really a gentle and negotiating type is more caring than that nasty ole Conservative whom the Nazis have spent years convincing them that he brings only poverty and death for those struggling and massive wealth for his rich friends. Yep, I suppose they really believed all that tripe. And, anyone who votes against The Messiah is labelled a racist, loudly. Should a person believe in strong borders and fair play for those seeking entry, why they are labelled racists and hate mongers. 93% black voters voted for their messiah. Any idea why? Remember all those things "HE" was going to give his brothers and sisters in 2008? Notice that they are still waiting but "HE" is still promising and they still have the highest unemployment rate of all. Did you know that only about 5-6 years ago black unemployment was ranging around 8.1 to 8.3%  Did you also know that currently it is between 12 and 15%? Well, OOPS! What happened to Hope and Change? 71% of the Hispanic voters voted for their messiah for exactly the same reasons as well as, like Bush before him, he has not taken any action regarding illegal aliens and further, supports amnesty. Well, OOPS! There's that Hope and Change.

So, you tell me. am I wrong regarding the National Socialist Democrats buying their votes? Is Romney wrong in telling the nation that they bought the votes through threats and bribery? Why work for a living with some stiff in the White House will cover for us?  Look about the globe. Notice other third world countries that started exactly like that, ie: Greece, France, etc.? The "Gimme, gimme, I want it and I want it now" population of Amerika have once again spoken. And finally, I suspect that this condition is so strongly ingrained now that there can never be a return to what Reagan spoke of as, "That Shining City On The Hill", sought after by so many of the world's peoples for freedom. What we call "Freedom" is rapidly degenerating into a 1984 lockstep whose cadence is called by an inept and highly worshipped fool. Oh, Dont forget to scream Sieg Heil when you see him on the television.

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