As you drive by daily you pass that odd shaped little building there on the corner of Le Mesa Blvd and Memorial, you know, right there by the ball park? That's the one. Porter Hall. I'm sure as you passed you've seen signs in the windows talking about art and perhaps seen the large advertising board outside inviting guests to visit. You've just never taken the time to stop. Have to get to that shop or that store. just no time, maybe another day. Hey. Did you know that Porter Hall is a full blown art gallery? Yes, its the real deal. It is, of course owned by the City of La Mesa but operated by the Foothills Art Association.

The Association is a long time La Mesa organization consisting of about 150 members, most of whom are area artists. And hey, there are some really outstanding artists in the group I might add. Many award winning painters, sculptors and what have you, whose productions span the range of traditional to abstract, from portraits to moving landscapes, from beautiful florals to entertaining pets. Each month a new exhibit is displayed for guests and doors are open for all Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 11 am to 4 pm. Hey, and did I mention the best part (apart from the beautiful art works displayed) Its Free! All our art is displayed for the entertainment of our guests. Should you want to inquire about purchasing a particular piece all you need to do is inquire at our front desk. No fuss. The only requirement we ask of our guests is that they walk up and down the exhibits and enjoy. Might stop and say hello to the .gallery aide, who is also a member of the Association. All are knowledgeable about the organization, the exhibits and will offer any assistance of information desired.

Oh, a word about our activities: We have special shows periodically featuring Wildlife, Miniature paintings, monthly art demonstrations given by outstanding local artists and perhaps other specials through the year and we generally have pretty good turn outs for those events. We actively participate and promote City activities and you may see some of us about during these events, you never know. You are invited to come on in and enjoy. Also, if you are one of those "private" artists perhaps you'd like to come see just what goes on, what we do. Talk to one of our members about it, maybe even decided to join us.

So, as you're driving by on those busy missions, hurrying to get there, to buy those things, perhaps you might want to take a few quiet minutes and relax the mind, absorb some art or just meander and see what your neighbors are working at. Pull into the funny shaped little building and walk in. You'll be surprised.

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Comment by hazel ross on July 12, 2010 at 5:02pm
... and if you want to have a sneak preview of our work come visit some of our members on our website

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