I am sitting here flummoxed. I have just read that The Pentagon, you know, the "Puzzle Palace"? The Pentagon has issued a paper or something and is indoctrinating the military regarding the nation's Founding Fathers. Seems they, the Pentagon, now views them, in their far seeing and Big Brother mind, as "EXTREMISTS" rather than that group of men who gambled their fortunes, future and their very lives on fighting and breaking us away from at that time a tyrannical Britain.

"Extremists"? This from a body now so politically correct that they fawn over everything, every utterance from the white house, genuflect over every suggestion by their Fuhrer. This from an organization so now steeped in Political Correctness that even with all the red flags and warnings constantly broadcasted, Army skull crackers refused to recognized a major terrorist in their midst with a Major about to commit Jihadist terrorism and murder. This from an organization that, to this day, refuses to even say the word "Terrorist" when mentioning one of their own who, for months, perhaps years, had direct contact with Al Queda Immams promoting murder. They, by far, prefer the label of "Work Place Violence" to the actual act of TERRORISM! The Pentagon, whose "leaders" quake at the mention or even thought of saying or doing anything that could conceivably offend any Muslim, here or abroad. This from and organization still hiding in dark places and refusing to accept responsibility for not coming to the assistance of Americans being murdered in Benghazi.

We, the citizens, we, the people send our sons and daughters, husbands, brothers to fight these wars across the planet for these quaking, pusillanimous creatures whilst they stay at home with charts and maps and plot future military actions and deaths. And now they have the gall, no perhaps the backbone of Socialist Liberalism and Progressivism to stand before the people they, we, took an oath to defend and protect and tell us and indoctrinate their empty headed volunteers that the Founding Fathers were "EXTREMISTS"??

You certainly DO NOT hear this type of tripe from the Marine Corps or Navy. Perhaps a bit from today's kinder and gentler Air Force. But today's "Be All You Can Be" Army? The Army trains real soldiers whilst their "real" leaders tremble in their political correctness. Like their "president", the Army, not the troops but the guys getting the big bucks and perks, seems to constantly plot against the nation's best interests in their groveling to all things Islamist. Why? Why are the Founding Fathers, then, now labelled as "Extremists" when seemingly the entire Islamic world wants one thing - To Kill Americans at any price.  And we have "our protectors" so busy undermining America that maybe the terrorists can gain inroads. Huh?

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