I love Austin, Texas. Austin is perhaps one of the top, oh, three cities in the nation that I love and would certainly consider living there. Boston is outstanding. Really expensive but great. About on a par with San Diego cost wise I would say. But Austin, well, there is just something special about the place for me. If you have seen any of my paintings you will recognize many deal with the Hill Country around Austin. Love it. But the only down side for me is the "Keep Austin Weird" feeling. You can drive about the city and see that sign any number of places: "Keep Austin Weird". And, I have to tell you, there really are a pretty large number of San Francisco-type freaks there who do their very best to "Keep Austin Weird". Food and music is some of the best in the country. As you walk down the street people you dont know and will never meet again say, "Hello" or "Howdy" and this is not a rare or odd phenomenon. They just do. Makes an out-of-towner feel either happy or funny. Texas is just like that. But, in light of recent events in their Legislature regarding abortion, Austin appears to have filled to overflowing with even more, even odder, even more militant freaks.

You of course know that Texas (there in Austin) just passed what is being called the most restrictive abortion law in the nation. But what is it? Well, from what I understand, women cannot (legally) kill their babies after they have been pregnant for twenty weeks. And those doctors killing the babies, well, they must be located within what seems a reasonable distance from a hospital where emergency medical care is available. So, with these radical and totally unreasonable restrictions on the female freaks of that state they have attained the alliance of, you guessed it, the Texas National Socialist Democrats who, despite the vote that THEY DEMANDED and lost, vow to sue and overturn the law because they didnt get their way. Oh yes, and that great and proud alliance demands the right to continue to kill babies far into pregnancy.

I scratch my head here. These same people froth at the mouth, scream, picket, waive placquards and dance about for television cameras when the state prepares to execute people who have brutally killed another but they dance about like Kindergarten children shrieking for the right to kill babies. Have I missed something in my seventy years here? Why do images and sounds of millions of Nazi supporters and enthusiasts cheering and thrusting their arms rigidly into the air, screaming "Sieg Heil" leap to my mind? And, why is it ALWAYS seemingly  Democrats who support and press for the right to kill babies? I just dont understand this issue. No. I understand the issue. I just do not understand the towering stupidity of the Pro-Abortion mob, and mob they certainly are - a veritable lynch mob concerning the unborn. People coo and jabber goofily at babies but these same pseudo-humans will wave signs saying. "Keep Your Rosaries Off Our Ovaries" and demand the right to kill babies.

I know these same feelings exist here in California, hell, look at San Francisco, as well as certainly here in our Village. I understand the medical emergencies often involved for women concerning pregnancies and understand the medical necessity for some abortions at those times. I just cannot wrap my head around those stupid, empty headed women who love the act but simply cannot deal with consequences and must over and over rush away to have their baby killed so they can jump back in bed and make yet another. That lack of intellect defeats me. And, when a community, a state attempts to address this issue out come the maniacs again. And, and ... you can be sure the feds will, led by everyone's favourite freak, Eric Holder, at some point in time leap into to defend killing babies from a federal standpoint.

For those who can read, and it appears to be a minority, perhaps you can read this and respond to this question.

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