Well, you saw it. Days before the second Presidential debate there was much concern regarding the installation of Candy Crawley from CNN as the debate moderator. Much was said, on both sides I must add here, that she has repeatedly exhibited bias and favor for the Obama Presidency, regardless of his amassed record of failure. Up until moments before the debate began this concern was being addressed. Then the big event started. 

Now, you understand I do no like Obama as President or even as an individual based upon his very own words and actions over the years. And I am at a total loss regarding this almost religious esteem in which he is held by reportedly 90-95% of black voters and massive numbers of Democrats. Polls showing women voters swooning and flocking to his "cause" astound me at the monumental stupidity of many of that gender. To repeat what I have said in the past, look at film from the mid twenties through 1945 in Nazi Germany for an exact repeat of what we are seeing today!That one man can stand up and blatantly lie and promise everything to the "Gimme, I want it" crowd and deliver nothing yet still cause those same voters to fall on their knees in worship and shout "Sieg Heil" keeps my head spinning in total disbelief.

Predictably, throughout the debate, Romney's positions, concerns and proposals were attacked, mocked and ridiculed by a grinning Obama (the name is distasteful to me). And when his turn arose he presented candy coated versions of his totally failed agenda and actions all throughout these past 4 years. Yes, he was energized and yes he was prepared, far more so than on his previous appearance, but did you listen to anything this guy said? His version of his actions should have made me believe that my family's retirement and savings were not decimated. My property values have really not plunged because of his National Socialist Democrat Congress and his own actions. His version of events should have made me disbelieve that I must pay nearly $4.50 a gallon for gas out of a pension that does not rise even as prices for everything around us do. His version of his actions should have convinced me that the murderous attack on an American (his Amerikan) embassy was in fact the result to his poor and downtrodden Muslim friends reacting to an unseen video that was never even shown ANYWHERE. His version of his actions should have convinced me that all Republicans live daily to victimize "the children", the environment, his poor and deserving food stamp and welfare recipients, any and ALL blacks, all radical Muslims on the planet, ad nauseum! His version of events should have convinced me that HIS cronies in HIS pet and protected Attorney General did nothing wrong when thousands of guns were given, no supplied, to Mexican dopers who slaughtered thousands, including Americans, sorry "Amerikans". Each time Romney presented his proposals for his own Presidency he was met with the expected grinning, distortions, class warfare tactics, mockery and interruptions. And then, when the subject of Libya finally arose what happens? Why, just as predicted, own lovely Candy Crawley leaps in to champion her savior. to interrupt and talk over and correct the other debater.

So, the concern actually came to fruition. For years I, we, those that listen and hear, have cried foul, have cried bias, have cried favouritism by the press, ALL the press except perhaps one source. MSNBC is perhaps the most glaring example of this followed closely by CNN. And whom is selected as moderator? Why our beloved Candy Crawley who once again leapt to defend the undefendable only because she, like Chris Matthews, and what, perhaps 99% of all other "news" sources have found their Messiah? When one stacks the political deck one must find all the ignorant, uninformed, blank-minded individuals and begin the Josef Goebbles routine. "Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and it becomes the truth". Commissar Obama discovered this axiom early in his Affirmative Action climb to power and, you see, IT WORKS!

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