Fairness, honesty and transparency, You betcha!

Hope and Change. There's going to be fairness, honesty and transparency when I am your President. You betcha!

Well, on top of all the other lies, insanity, racial prejudice and complete proof of ineptness, your Messiah and his Chicago Thugocracy are really going for the gold ring. Because anything, ANYTHING is okay for the National Socialist Democrat Party so long as they win and maintain the strangle hold on the nation. We have suffered over four years of constant campaigning by YOUR Messiah, endured his constant lies and total inability to curb his and his crony's mad spending. We have and continue to watch the scandal unfolding from Libya wherein he and his Chicago thugs and sycophants stood about with the thumbs in dark places whilst Americans, pleading for help, were murdered. He then flies away, at our expense on his big ole aeroplane, to Nevada to tell his union goon pals to give him more money and get out the vote.  He sends his mindless gofers out to Sunday talk shows to regurgitate his lies and the fawning press, apart from FOX, support his every action.

Now, today, we learn that early voters in Nevada, North Carolina, Texas and Ohio are reporting from around the states that, as they vote for Romney the vote is then tallied for OBAMA. And its doesnt seem to just be an accident. What do you think about that? Seems when the voter actually catches the "error" and attempts to correct same the machines repeat over and over, voting for Obama rather than the actual selection. DO YOU BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCE??? And these are the only states reporting the matter at this time and ONLY FOX is reporting at this time. Whatchathinkofthat?

With his message of Hope and Change and total governmental transparency coupled with honesty and fairness, you dont suppose, do you, NO, NOT THE MESSIAH. You dont suppose do you that the conspiratorial minions of the National Socialist Democrat Party ( I would shorten that and just call them by their name - NAZIs but there are so many gentle and mindless souls out there ) have actually gone throughout the country and actually tampered with - no, no, no. That couldnt be the case. Naw.  Why, it must be fate. Your Messiah is willing the machines to alter the votes in order to win? Naw.

But then, on the other hand one must remember that over half the people are below average anyway and will do and say any and everything they are told to say and do. That said, shouldnt the Messiah's promised transparency show that his Nazi party is playing on the up and up? Well, shouldnt it? But then, when it was discovered that his Black Panthers were intimidating voters in the last election absolutely nothing was done about that either. Hmmm.

Lets just us see what and where this story leads, shall we? Lets see if MSNBC and the other Nazi affiliates cover the story and tell us, the voters, the truth, shall we? Or do you think this, like the murders in Benghazi, will just linger about out there, ignored by practically everyone whilst YOUR MESSIAH continues his trail of destruction and pulls in all the chips from the table despite NOT WINNING???

And the saga continues ...............

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