I recall a childhood incident from school. In the 10th grade I encountered a couple of guys who fancied themselves as pretty tough. They had developed the reputation of "Bullies", taking advantage of younger and smaller kids in school. They swaggered about the school seemingly immune from any correction from school authorities or older and larger students. It was amazing. They bragged and pushed others around in the manner of "desperadoes" and frequently hurt kids at random. It was pretty bad. I didnt have any trouble with this freaks all the time in High School until one afternoon they both confronted me for some reason unknown to me or anyone around me. In my face, I was threatened with what they described as great bodily harm. We were eye to eye.

Now, by my junior year I was a pretty good sized guy but generally kept to myself. I was surprised by this confrontation. Well, one thing led to another , a shove here and a threat there. A small crowd began to gather, as High School geeks are wont to do, you know. Having taken far more than enough from this crew and deciding the the school authorities were probably too frightened of them to do anything but cower in their offices, I decided to end it there in the hall. Couple of swings and a good kick and the problem was all over. The two toughs were no longer an issue, both hurting far more than my own hands. Funny. Never had any problem with those two or any other wannabe toughs at that school or where I later graduated. Just took someone standing up to them with something they understood. Of course, the cowards from the Principle's office called ME in for starting a fight in school.

I recall that very special president you all brag about standing at his braggart's podium about a year ago looking stern and brave and reading from his teleprompters about a "Red Line" regarding Syria. He looked, steely eyed, into the cameras and told his quivering and weak-kneed supporters he would take care of business if they crossed over that line. I recall a childhood dare, "Spit over that line". Well, President Assad spat over the line and said, "Whatch gonna do about it?" A year passes and "The Brave One", the guy who made the dare. dithered and played golf as though his dare was not called. Fast forward. Thousands more die in Syria at the hands of their President and "The Bragger" plays golf and goes on vacation, and still brags and talks big to his drooling fans. Whup! Nearly 1500 die from poison gas and the "Bragging President" cries, "There, There. You cant do that!"

Pushed into a corner by his own big mouth and empty threats, SLICK in now being pressed to take steps. Like his predecessor, Bush, "The Mouth" sets out to form his own Coalition to address nasty ole Assad. Now, Bush, "The Stupid One", put together a Coalition of 48nations to stop Hussein.  But what has "The Mouth" done? A "Coalition" of ONE with France nodding its head and whispering, "Yeah, we're right there with ya". Shouting his threats for the world, the bluff is called by Syria and ole Pres backs away again and goes out for another game of golf. Then, when backed against the wall, he looks steely eyed again and tells the world that IF Congress tells him its okay maybe he will do "something".

Hmmm. Looks like to me, Slick, through his coward's actions and big mouth, painted himself into that proverbial corner. And, by now telling us he is going to ask Congress for permission, when the retaliation begins, AND IT WILL, he, like all cowards and "bullies" can cringe and tell the world that it wasnt his fault. Congress Made Him Do It.

Somebody blinked and it sure wasnt the bad guy.

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