East County Should Dump Hunter

LA MESA -- The great themes of this November's national elections are being picked over night after night on America's cable news channels. Trump vs. Everyone. The Dem's Blue Wave. The GOP Big Red Wall. The polling is incessant and, as we learned in 2016, speculative at best.
But for the people of East County, the real import of this election season is obvious and inarguable. Either the voters of East County are going to weigh the facts, size up the candidates and make a clear and easy call or they are going to return the corrupt Rep. Duncan Hunter to Washington and become the laughingstock of America.
We believe it is time for East County to prove to itself and the rest of America that we have grown up. We are no longer willing to blindly pull the GOP lever regardless of the low quality of the candidate asking to represent us.
Hunter no longer deserves the right to represent an area that has grown both in numbers, diversity and in its increasing ability to know a con man when we meet one.
For decades, Hunter's father represented this area when its rock-ribbed GOP numbers made it impossible for anyone but a Republican to be elected. Hunter the Elder was not perfect, but he did manage to maintain his dignity and knew the difference between his money and campaign donations. He even authored legislation and brought home some pork.
Duncan The Younger has proved that Darwin was wrong; each generation does not surpass the quality of the previous one.
His misuse of campaign money and his willingness to blame his wife have overshadowed the fact that he has spent his time in Washington largely partying, flirting, drinking and adding his name to others' legislation to give the appearance of engagement in our interests.
When he was recently indicted, he even lacked the class to acknowledge his failures and step aside. Adding more tarnish to his father's legacy, he has now stooped to assuming East County constituents can be scared to continue supporting him by using racist taunts to label his opponent as a foreign threat. Hunter's cynicism is only exceeded by his obvious belief that East County voters are stupid.

Not everyone in East County votes in the 52nd Congressional District. But you can be sure, if voters fail to end the Hunter Era in November, Hunter will have extended the view some of held of East County as a home to unthinking rubes. And not because Hunter intends to keep on working for his district's voters.

More likely, a victory will give Hunter a bargaining chip with prosecutors and his party's leadership as his trial approaches. "Drop or greatly reduce the charges, and I will agree to step down'' is a typical ploy for lawmakers caught with their hands in the cookie jars of public money.

Hunter should drop out of the race now and apologize to his constituents and his children. Lacking that, the voters of East County should do the right thing; vote for Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar, a man whose integrity and history of public service far exceeds that of the disreputable and tainted Duncan Hunter.

East County deserves much better than Duncan Hunter. We are better than this.

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Comment by Constance Lee Sandvick on November 5, 2018 at 11:07am

In reference to this article - "Why East County Should Dump Hunter"

     Attention all Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and Teachers in Rep Duncan Hunter's district.

I have asked hundreds of high school and college students over the last 4-5 years what type of gov't we have in America and only 3 of them knew the right answer - a republic with the rest of them saying democracy. But that is what they are taught in our schools. CA's education ranks about 44 out of 51 states but Democrats won't fix it. 

My education reform article was recently published and I gave a copy to Rep Hunter. He loved my ideas and said he would get this article to Pres. Trump so the president can start the disconnect from the globalist indoctrination agenda. Hunter can't do that if we don't send him back to Congress. 

The Democrat won't do that because they the current globalist indoctrination of our children.
In fact, if Gavin Newsom becomes CA Governor - he will mandate his globalist agenda to parents called 'cradle to career'. Our kids will become globalist drones. Scary stuff. ie  '1984' by George Orwell

It is essential that Rep Hunter get re-elected so our education can be restored. Democrats won't fix our education, Republicans will. Please vote Republican.


Comment by Brian Meyer on October 12, 2018 at 9:39am

Mr Batman, You cannot judge someone by their father or grandfather. That is just un american. We should not be judging either candidate by their father, they are clearly both not their fathers.

The entire japanese american internment was a stain on our history, just because no one would consider someone during WWII who was of japanese ancestry, further we took away their constitutional rights, does not justify it in ANY way. We did not intern our german citizens,  were they not just as much a danger? Should we judge the current president because his ancestors were Germanic, or were in the Klan?

Note that Ammar Campa was largely raised by his hispanic mother, he is as much Latino as he is Palestinian. Further he was heavily involved in his church, if you want to know his character, talk to the pastor of Eastlake church, he will testify that this is a good man. This completely contradicts the nonsense smears being put forth by Duncan Hunter. The fact he is a member of an evangelical church, not only that, he played in their band during services so he is not some lukewarm church member, he is out front leading. If you meet him, he sounds like an American, because the simple fact is, he is an American.

I wish I could say the opposite is true, but Duncan Hunter Jrs issues are self inflicted, and to say he is indicted of crimes is not misrepresenting facts, its citing the charges against him. Don't blame his wife, even if true he is the leader, he should take responsibility for mismanagement of all those working for him, he should have caught that ( or hired accountants who would ). Note that some of the money was spent on affairs per the charges against him, which kind of befuddles the argument that it's his wifes fault. Part of the problem is we have elected this candidate largely on the reputation earned by his father, with the exception of his military service. But we are discussing Rabbit on airplanes, and he can't seem to make ends meet on a 175,000 congressional salary.

Your arguments are based on not knowing, saying this or that might be true in theory, but they are absurd clinging to FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. They are made in bad faith, the facts you are uncertain of, you could verify those, find a character witness ( like his pastor ), or you could just go meet him at one of his events and listen to him. This rhetoric is just partisan sophistry, which is needed since Duncan Hunter has serious real charges which you need to one up, which directly relate to how he has handled himself while in office.

To say it's a national security issue, kind of makes me think it's really a race issue, as the sole grounds for saying this are not his character, but his parents nationality. To focus on his funny name, as hunter is doing, as if that defines our character, further sidesteps his actual character to focus on how his name sound foreign. To overlook actual misconduct ( another term for this is corruption ) and have to bring up his grandfathers crimes.

Perhaps you should take time to evaluate Ammar's personal character, your criteria is not about judging him, it's judging his family members who DID NOT RAISE HIM, or his name being changed to honor his mother. To say we cannot have an American run for office based on Israels conflict with Palestine, please remember this is an American election, not an Israel election, that is a foreign government and loyalty to it should not be the measure of patriotism here. Perhaps his being partly Arab might actually mean he understands those issues better, I bet you don't even know what Wahhabi Islam is, the sect behind al Qaeda and ISIS is actually the state religion of Saudi Arabia, our ally who just killed a reporter. Perhaps the mess in the middle east is caused by our not even understanding who our enemies are, and isn't as simple as just supporting Israel - we might even look at establishing a kurdish state, the only arabic group that Israel has always considered allies and which fights with us against terrorists.

For democracy to work, we cannot rely on "fear" of the unknown, or inflammatory rhetoric claiming those running for office are "national security risks", it is your duty to get to know each candidate, to evaluate the facts of THEIR character, to study the issues and the men, even go hear each of them speak, and to make an informed decision, "not knowing" as you claim is just not a good excuse.

If the criteria is religious -- or by ancestry -- or by his name? Hunter is misrepresenting him as a secret muslim, should not the testimony of his pastor matter, who defends him on this very matter, whose membership in good standing with a respected local evangelical church, those facts are just not compatible with your claims ( and the claims of the hunter campaign ).

Comment by Batman on October 9, 2018 at 5:35pm

Mrs. Brinchman, I am not questioning Campa Najjar's personal character. I don't know him well enough to do that. What I am pointing out is he has obvious family ties to a mortal enemy of the United States and one of our closest allies. I don't believe he is a terrorist. I do believe there is a strong probability he is sympathetic to Palestine and their militaristic cause. I would gladly entertain the idea of a Palestinian-American congressman AFTER the conflict with Palestine has been resolved. But not before. If Duncan Hunter wins the election and is then convicted of the charges and steps down there will be a special election. This will give the people of the 50th another set of choices.

Comment by Susan Brinchman on October 8, 2018 at 9:08pm

I researched Campa-Najjar extensively. I was concerned about his grandfather's activities but he never knew him. The guy died many years before Najjar was born, in another country across the ocean. Najjar, after careful consideration, appears to be a good person who could not help but do a better job than Hunter. At least he is honest!

Comment by Susan Brinchman on October 8, 2018 at 9:06pm

I fully agree that Duncan Hunter does not deserve to be reelected. He has admitted to many of the criminal complaints against him, in the past year, and is not worthy of being a Congressman. People like Hunter are part of the "swamp" that was allegedly to be cleaned up in Washington. I will be giving Campa-Najjar a chance to do a better job!

Comment by Batman on October 7, 2018 at 11:52pm
No, not quite. Hunter's opponent, Campa Najjar, has some serious issues of his own I hope you are all aware of. Particularly, his Palestinian terrorist grandfather, who orchestrated the kidnaping and murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games. And his Palestinian politician father who served in the Palestinian Authority, and who wholeheartedly approves of grandfather's actions. This is NOT a racism issue. It IS a national security issue.
To make my point let's assume, hypothetically, that Campa Najjar was a Japanese-American. And it was discovered he had a grandfather who had been an admiral in the Japanese Navy. And, the grandfather had given the order to attack Pearl Harbor. Any opposition to him based entirely on this would be nothing more than bigotry and racism. That war is long over. Japan is now a steadfast friend and ally.
Lets assume now, hypothetically, that World War II was still ongoing. Nobody in their right mind would even consider supporting someone for office with that background.
Ladies and gentlemen, the war with Palestine is going on right now. Palestine is, right now, a sworn and staunch enemy of Israel and the United States. The Palestinians hate Israelis and they hate Americans.
I don't know if Campa Najjar is sympathetic to the Palestinian cause or not, and neither do any of you. The only one on the face of the earth who does know is Campa Najjar himself.
Congress controls our military and federal police. Do you really want to take the risk?
It appears the Democrats have taken advantage of Duncan Hunter's plight to run the most potentially radical, anti-American candidate they could find. I find this not only despicable but highly irresponsible.
Oh, by the way, Margaret Hunter threw herself under the bus. She is the focal point of the problem. I have seen wives destroy their husband's businesses and careers before. It's nothing new.

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