Jacob Bronowski posed the question. "Has there ever been a society that died from dissent? There have been several that have died from conformity in our times."

Therein lies the true issue of both politics and our national welfare today. Should we, must we embrace the destructive policies and edicts handed down from on high by the Obama regime which have been proven to be ripping our communities, our states, our nation and our existence assunder? Must we, blindly and in lockstep, march to the ultimate goal of a new socialist state, that dream of the Obama camp? Must we, sheep-like, accept and embrace an army of illegals swarming and invading our nation, stealing the soul and pride of what was once the envy of the world? Must we conform to Progressive Socialist programs and indoctrination of our children, Political Correctness run amok in our society, blatant corruption in our courts, a legal system so bankrupt and bereft of common sense that it allows terrorists full rein to recruit and train but affords them the same legal protection as citizens? A Congress that is so corrupt that it laughingly continues to pass hated laws and force them upon the citizens? Must we be forced to "elect" the lesser of two evils as Governor? One, a proven Progressive Liberal who brought the state to its knees only years ago but who now lies about his past and, in oily fashion, tells us only he can cure our ills? Or a billionaire who spends multi-millions for a job paying far less and whose promises seem to ring hollow? Must we stand by, in conformity, whilst unions throughout the nation strangle the country with their grasping and shrieking for more of our money and benefits for their members whilst you and I struggle to make ends meet? Must we watch as the airline and oil companies record record profits whilst gouging us daily with ever increasing prices? Must we stand about whilst cities, pleading poverty, continue to build monuments to themselves in the form of new libraries and city halls, with employees making far more money than civilian counterparts, whilst we must comparative shop to stay within budgets?

Generations ago a few men pledged their fortunes and their lives to stop a not so dissimilar state of affairs. A few men, most of whom we learned of in school but failed to learn they died in poverty because of their pledges, dissented, decried the corruption, the dishonesty, the lies and the taxation. They stood up and dissented, shouted to the world, in effect, "We are mad as hell and are not going to take this anymore!!" Emile Zola, when recognizing lies and corruption, announced, "I ACCUSE!" When one man and his followers began their rampage of murder and persecution across Europe nations stood up in dissent and refused to allow it, destroying the Nazi grasp and reign of terror. Now, we have a nation of sheep who graze sleepily and allow one man, one corrupt government, which extends to our very communities, to control and direct our lives. Dissent and you are destroyed. Dissent and you are attacked through mockery and defamation. Dissent and you are insane. You are unable to see what is good for you. CONFORM. ITS GOOD FOR YOU, FOR ALL OF US.

Only a very few will stand for our well being; Most will conform. Only a few will rip aside the covering cloak of conformity in the form of lies and promises and shout, "I ACCUSE!". "YOU LIE!". Smiles and promises of democrats and cowards continue to enshroud us in the blanket of conformity. Dissent! Shout out that you do not agree, you do not want this conformity. Shout, Stand up! Demand! Stop it! DISSENT! Our only hope! David

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