I am following, loosely, political races about the country and locally. Everything I knew, everything I have spoken about, everything I have predicted is happening, even as we speak. Reflect a moment on our political history and think about tactics, strategies and actions. I recall vividly as a young man the newspapers all about the country attempting to sway elections by "endorsing" (read "indoctrinating") their sheep-like readers, "Dewey defeats Truman!". Remember that fiasco? I recall the cursing and tongue chewing following that election. Being young I could care less but was highly amused. Growing older I watched politics become filthier and filthier by the year. I stood amazed at the blatant lies, defamations and charactor destruction that grew to never before seen heights. I shook my head at the lengths candidates would go, not to win but to actually destroy the other party. And from where did the majority of these attacks originate? Hmmm? Well you're correct if you chose column A - Democrats! I ask myself: What exactly do these people plan to do if elected based upon what they are saying and doing now? How can an honest person allege another person is guilty of unspeakable acts, of muttering this or that thirty years in the past and then, with and "honest heart" and plain face, stand before the electorate and announce that he or she is the annointed one? How can a candidate stage an event or incident then announce to the sheep, "See! This is my opponent. See, they are unthinking beasts and only I can overcome. Only i can give you everything you ever wanted!" How can any honest person lie, lie, lie, discolour, defame then go home at the end of the day and tell their spouse, "Well honey, I'm tired. Had a helluva day. What's for dinner"?? I watched slavering news anchors kowtowing and drooling, shrieking, "The Messiah", over an relative unknown from Illinois who, having lied and intimidated his way into local politics, promised to give everything to everyone who was stupid enough to vote for him if they would just let him play President. Well, we see today where that is leading us, Collapse.

Everyone, actually the drooling press, eagerly awaits that "October Surprise!". And what will that always be? Why, it will be a scathing expose' of the Republican candidate, one that demonstrates that the candidate is that unspeakable beast who raves and eats children - Every Time. And from where do these grand "October Surprises" ALWAYS originate? Column A - Democrats. They are lept upon by the elite Progressive Socialist press with 24 hour coverage for days or weeks. AND, do you notice that when it is proven that the "October Surprise!" which is so damning, is thoroughly and totally false, a lie propagated by those same Progressive Socialists that claim they only have your well being at heart, there are no retractions, no apologies, no "Oops" by candidates or press? Probably only to be found on Fox News will be the truth which will, in turn, be attacked by all other Socialist organs!! Oh, and the weak kneed Republicans will have and will continue to shrivel in a corner somewhere shouting, "I didn't do that, I didn't do that".

So, we see about the country mad dogs attacking, slandering, screaming about another person's religion as if that had anything to do with the contest. We have Natl. Public Radio firing a respected columnist to shut him up because he does not "go along" with their racist bigotry and political correctness. We have Democrats attacking all about the country, hurling lies, inuendos and charactor assassination messages. Lets see, what do we call this? I have studied this and "DESPERATION" is the only term that fits. If your position is so weak, if your message does not appeal, if your party continually fails to follow through on their mountains of promises, if your only option is to attack rather than address problems, if you are incapable of correcting wrongs that EVERYONE else can see but prefer to strengthen you own position with lies, then I submit to you that we are witnessing Desperation on such a monumental scale as to challenge credulity.

This is not just national but state-wide as well as locally. Look about you. What do you see and hear? If you fail to see the desperation in, not just individuals but a group, then perhaps YOU are part of that group. Stand up, move out of that pasture. Stand up. Think, read, talk but THINK! Ronald Reagan asked many years ago, "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" ARE you better off now that the Progressive Socialists, the Politically Correct Police and the Unions have taken over YOUR COUNTRY? THINK! David

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