Magazine Solicitor Arrested After Theft

LA MESA -- Police Sunday evening arrested a 23 year-old woman for residential burglary while she was working with a group of solicitors conducting unlicensed magazine subscription solicitations in La Mesa neighborhoods.

The suspect and another solicitor contacted the female victim by knocking on the victim’s door in the 5600 block of Amaya Dr. During their solicitation of the victim for magazine subscriptions, the suspect asked if she could come inside to use the victim’s bathroom. The victim allowed the suspect to use the bathroom. A short time later, the suspect and the other solicitor left. The victim soon realized that the suspect stole a $900.00 diamond bracelet from her bathroom.

The La Mesa Police were called and while searching the surrounding area, located a group of solicitors. One of them matched the description of the suspect and while she was being detained, it was discovered that she had a felony arrest warrant for burglary. The suspect was subsequently arrested for the warrant and during a search, the diamond bracelet was located hidden in the female’s pants. The suspect was booked into County Jail for residential burglary, the burglary arrest warrant, and for falsely identifying herself to police.

Suspect was identified as Courtney Townsend, 23, of San Diego.


It is unlawful to solicit in the City of La Mesa without a La Mesa solicitation permit. If contacted by a solicitor, ask to see their City of La Mesa solicitor’s permit. If they do not have one, politely end your conversation and report the illegal solicitation to the La Mesa Police Department at 667-1400.

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Comment by Jeff Stinchcomb on November 22, 2011 at 10:40am

We had a magazine solicitor come by about two weeks ago -- a teenage-looking girl with a beat-up subscription pamphlet that looked like it had been folded  up in her pocket. She rambled on without taking a breath,  and paying little attention to anything I said.  It just seemed suspicious at the time. I'm no fan of solicitors -- legit or not -- so I halted her at the gate. (I love my gate....)

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