Constitutional Rights or political appeasement?

"...all men are created equal ... endowed... with certain unalienable Rights ...Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". Do these words sound familiar? These words are the very foundation of what used to be America, "Land of the free and the brave". Can you tell me what happened?


Exactly when did "Created equal" become special privileges for special interests? Exactly when was our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution rewritten to ensure very special attention and benefits for a vocal minority at the complete expense of the vast majority?  Here on my desk is my copy of both documents. I have read, not perused, them at length for years. I just cant find any mention of "Congress shall ensure the citizenship of heretofore referred to Illegal Aliens and states are directed to pay for all education, medical expenses, housing, food, cars, television, ad nauseum in exchange for votes for Progressive Socialist Democrat candidates." Wait. Nope. Just went back to see if I could be wrong and I'm not. Couldnt find any mention of ensuring not equal but superior rights in all matters to the vocal homosexuals and Muslims apart from a wink and a nod in exchange for their socialist votes. Now I did find language referring to the life and death struggle of black Americans ( I never use "AFRO- AMERICAN" as in most opinions hyphenated names denote distain and alienation of home countries and the attempt to influence others by professing a lie ). They offered their very lives for the ability to tell the world they are Americans and won the great fight. Alas, many are second, third and now forth generation Welfare losers sucking from the teat of their Progressive Socialist Democrat Fuhrers and will continue to vote them into office so long as they receive their dole.


Millions of men and women have fought and many died to ensure the freedoms that we once had but now recognize far fewer. Taking up arms to defend this Constitution, these same men and women are threatened by having their weapons confiscated in the name of this vocal and radical minority. Any who stand to defend this right is derided, mocked, castigated and likened to killers and murders. Not so many years ago these same people stood and successfully destroyed a tyrant bringing about the birth of this country. And who are these people braying ever louder? Why they are the Progressive Socialist Demcrats, the supportive and slavering press and the pinheaded students of the country who will march against anything so long as it looks like fun and there is beer.


So, how long can we survive under a "government" set upon political appeasement rather than following the leadership of the now defunked Constitution? Not long I predict. Socialists leap and bound to throw away money that is not theirs to their pet radicals and whiners. A population is paid by this third world government to NOT WORK. The criminals tell us we must tighten our belts and sacrifice because of their mismanagement of OUR affairs. Well, here is the crux: Any of you that still remember how to read and not text or twitter may recall or may want to wander into that quaint historical ediface called a "library" and ask someone who may know how to read for a copy of "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire" by Gibbons. I know, I know, its tough reading and it cuts into your texting time but you might recognize what has, is and is about to happen in a place that was once the "Home of the brave and the land of the free", now the Unites Socialist States of Northern Mexico.  David Stanley



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