Al Queda recently staged a raid on two of the prisons in Iraq just outside Baghdad. They murdered 25 of the poor trained and poorly equipped but loudly bragging Iraqi guards. They released "hundreds" of the inmates along with their fellow Al Queda killers. All beneath the nose of the incredibly poor excuse for a leader, Prime Minister Al Maliki and the incredibly poor excuse for but outstandingly equipped Iraqi military and police. And, all this done it would seem with the tacit permission of YOUR president. "Permission"??? What in the world does that mean? Well, by his high praise of a weakling wannabe leader - Al Maliki - his history of and gushing praise of almost all things Islam and his propensity to brag about things he would have you believe he has accomplished and lie about the things that have happened but just do not fit into his scheme for a, dare I say, a black Socialist led Amerika, he keeps the herd firmly in his camp. Said herd continues to brag and praise his every action regardless of the daily devastating cost to the nation as well as the world. Said herd blindly and stupidly leaps to not just his commands by even his suggestions and his off-hand thoughts. Why, look what his off-hand comments regarding the Zimmerman case have accomplished. Why, look what his and his mob's lies and coverup has accomplished regarding the murders in Banghazi. Amazing, huh? Even before leading his mob into the White House, he bragged that he would "End the war in Irag" and began giving rigid timetables regarding pulling troops from the field. By doing so he, in effect, further armed Al Queda who only had to wait whilst Stupid accomplished his insane goals. Well, he did and they did, leaving a vacuum in the country filled by the very extremists, jihadists and murderers we originally attempted to expel or kill. So, the net gain was what? Now, like Syria, Iraq teeters on the edge of civil war between the Sunnis and the Shias, armed by and pushed by, yep, you guessed it  - AL Queda who tell the world exactly what they are planning and actually doing - "Conquering the Tyrants" The Iraqi government continues, like the Afghani government, to attempt to negotiate and "include" the enemy in government talks and prestigious posts and positions in effort to appease - WOW! Where have you heard THAT word before?  "APPEASE" Sounds rather like home, the good ole USA.

So, what do you think YOUR president and his thugs will do now? Do you think he will attempt to head off these threats that we spent so many thousands of lives and billions of dollars to stop and make corrections or will he just go play golf again as he is so wont to do?

"Conquering the Tyrants". This is how Al Queda labels their actions whilst we, here at home watch the stupidity in the streets. Assassinations thoughout a country whilst astoundly stupid people print up placquards and yammer because they didnt get their way. "Conquering the Tyrants". Hmmm. Sounds rather catchy. Maybe something like that could catch on over here? Rolling Stones magazine has already made the Boston bomber/murderer somewhat of a hero. Thousands, it seems, idolize this freak and demand his release and "justice". Why not apply that where it needs to be applied? Perhaps government? Perhaps toward the National Socialist Democrats and their president? Jeepers. Something to think about perhaps.

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