Visiting A Hidden Jewel: Anthony's Fish Grotto

LA MESA -- Every few weeks members of La Mesa's Chamber of Commerce gather at one of the member locations for some food, drinks and networking.

Wednesday's meeting was held at Anthony's Fish Grotto. For long time La Mesans, this restaurant is a part of local lore. For those who are newer to town, it is truly one of the surprising jewels in these hills.

Tucked inconspicuously along an access road north of I-8, you have to have had some guidance to give a place so close to an interstate a chance. But step inside the Grotto and the screaming traffic noise gives way to the peaceful sounds of waterfalling. Built open to a small lake you can't see from anywhere but in this restaurant, you suddenly might as well be in northern California on a snowmelt river.

Chamber members gathered on the patio and the elder members started recounting how long ago they started coming to Anthony's. La Mesa Mayor Art Madrid claimed "since I was five.''

Others claimed longer.

The crowd included Chuck Hansen of Viejas Enterprises,  Helix Water District Board President DeAna Verbeke and the Chamber's energetic executive director Mary England. Each member gets a few seconds to introduce their business and the rest of the evening is given to networking.

In addition to the mixers, the La Mesa Chamber of Commerce is planning a major fundraiser -The Taste of La Mesa- which is traditionally a sell out, scheduled for Monday, May 16 at the La Mesa Community Center.  For tickets or more information go to the Chamber's website at




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