Couple of days ago, just after the political speech was given by that State's Prosecutor in Baltimore, I sat and reflect upon what had just happened. Then, because of its nation-wide potential effect, I penned a comment. After submission I looked in to read comments on my own. Well, as expected and as it has come to be expected and predictable, my words were censored once again. Oh, they were not erased, not redacted, nothing like that. The editor of this site just elected to put them in the closet so no one could see what was happening and has been exactly born out with the developing events in Baltimore and with the press. So I Iooked and found my piece on "My Page". That way it cannot be called censorship. Because the sensitive neighbors in La Mesa cannot be alarmed with questions of Constitutionality and legal procedures, the editor merely hides the piece where, yes it is "in print" but NO ONE DARE SEE IT, CONSIDER IT OR COMMENT? Only pretty things here?

I really thought we, as a nation, had addressed this practice but nope. Here it is in its Progressive Liberal form and fashion. Nothing is given to the public unless totally approved by the Party, even if it is the truth. 

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Comment by David Stanley on May 7, 2015 at 3:45am

Batman, you might try entering David Stanley up on the very top right of the page to search. Might be able to get my original comments. If you can you will see that everything I said had been borne out within days of what I said yet gentle minds here in La Mesa must never be allowed to see evil things like this, hence the censorship/

Comment by Batman on May 7, 2015 at 12:04am
I'd like to know what your censored comment was Mr. Stanley. Until then I will try getting my own comments past our editor.
Baltimore and Ferguson are far away. We can watch the events on our TV sets and computers in complete comfort, for now. Keep in mind though we have over 130 registered street gang members right here in La Mesa, and only 56 police officers, and less than 1/3 of them are on duty at any given time. The people carrying out the destructive acts in these cities are not the ordinary citizens, they are the street hoodlums.
Take a look at your homeowners and/or business insurance policy. Most have exemptions for things like "civil disturbance" and "insurrection". Do you know what that means? It means if you suffer a loss as a result of a riot you are not covered. The insurance companies are not stupid.
Consider the result of a recent terrorist attack in Texas. One policeman armed with only a pistol won a gunfight against two terrorists armed with assault rifles. Was it just pure luck? I don't think so. I attribute it to Texas culture. That policeman had probably been shooting guns since he was 5 years old. I recently visited Texas. Houston is a lot like Los Angeles, except, I didn't see any graffiti anywhere. I wonder why?

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