Celebrate! Rejoice! Its that time of year again!

HEY! Lets celebrate! Lets party. Summer is here and, except for a couple of pretty hot days, looks like we just might have a real nice time. And to top it all off, the cherry on the cake: SDG&E as well as Helix  Water rates are going up. Hey! Could we ask for anything better? I mean!

Yep. Got that pesky notice just the other day from SDG&E advising that, what, in September or something our bills will go up a minimum of $75 a month. Balloons and confetti everywhere. Whistles and horns. And yesterday Mr. Postman brings that little notice from our old pals, Helix Water, you remember them, they're the guys that look you glumly in the face and sadly advise you they are stealing more money from us from now on, yeah, them. Helix Water published and posted this spiffy flier alerting all customers/suckers of their pending hearing regarding pending thefts. In the poster, which reads rather like something from a corporate report which no one reads but everyone on the board praises, we are told what: Stealing more money. But not Why. Do you suppose it is time for pay raises and retirement benefit adjustments again? I attended some of their meetings and all were the same. Really doesnt matter what is said, what facts are presented, anything. They're gonna do it and there AINT NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT but pay the increased bill upon receipt. AND THEY KNOW THERES NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!!  I dont know. Its really not so much about the money, actually it is but nothing I can do. Its the arrogance and smugness. Their board, like any and all other boards of their nature, will sit and be bored whilst the stiffs tell them they just cant afford higher and higher bills and at the end they will nod and tell the idiots in the audience they have collected sufficient information for study and will take everything under advisement. Then, WOW, surprise, comes the bill! They smilingly report the newest hike in water or electrical rates but, Obama-like, keep the pay raises and bonuses hidden. Celebrate!!!

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Comment by David Stanley on July 3, 2013 at 7:53am

Marie, when I took a disability retirement from SDPD I quickly STOPPED receiving pay raises. Much is said about the COLA - Cost of living - but if you will notice, because of the corruption and greed in the City those have stopped. I spoke with SDG&E about the pending thefts. The fellow pleasantly told me that because of the loss of San Onofre and the cost of the Sunrise thing "they" must recoup all the past expenses. Never mind that we have the highest rates there are right now. They WILL make money. Its a monoply supported by the PUC in Sacraments. So, I will pay my bills and cut back on luxuries, like groceries for my wife.

Comment by Marie McLaughlin on July 2, 2013 at 8:10pm

Higher bills for water, trash, gas, electricity...with a weak job market to boot...no wonder our San Diego economy is hurting. To quote a recent article: Currently, San Diegans already pay the highest electric rates in the continental United States (only surpassed by Hawaii). The rate hike can potentially cost consumers more than the expected 12 percent because of the fact that it is a retroactive increase, so SDG&E will need to earn the revenue dating back to 2012." How many of us have ever received a 12% raise, especially a retroactive one?

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