La Mesa Cases Listed In Boy Scout Abuse Files

LA MESA -- A release of files chronicling decades of sexual abuse investigations within the Boys Scouts of America has La Mesa officials today reviewing the situation.
A database of file released in an on-going lawsuit included notations that the Boys Scouts of America had opened two files involving La Mesa troops.

According to the database prepared and posted on line by the Los Angeles Times, La Mesa based troops 39 and 959 had cases documented in the so-called "perversion'' files kept by the Boy Scouts and released as part of an extended legal proceeding against the boy scouts.

City Council member Ernie Ewin has forwarded the new items to City Manager David Witt to review the situation and determine if any allegations in those files necessitate local police investigation. The database, which does not include the specific file allegations, lists 2002 and 2004 as the dates BSA opened filed on allegations.

Randy Seefeldt, the scoutmast of La Mesa troop 959, said this morning he was aware of the case listed in the BSA files but that the case did not involve any crimes involving members of his troop.

"The man involved was a member of BSA, but this case didn't have anything to do with hurting our boys,'' Seefeldt said.

Seefeldt said the police were involved in the investigation, but that specific information about the man would have to come from police or the national BSA headquarters.

Seefeldt said he takes the safety and security of his troop very seriously and would involve police at any time possible criminal activity might occur.

There were no immediate local records for a Troop 39 in La Mesa and Seefeldt, a long-time scoutmaster, said he was unaware of a troop 39 here. "That might be an error,'' he said.

Click here to read the national report and the Boy Scout's response to the release of these files.

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