Almost daily we are faced with and forced to deal with the destruction of a nation, its economics, its medical care, its unemployment, its upward spiraling taxation, its upward spiraling prices, its conspiratorial coverups and concealment, its bald faced lies to Congress and as well as the public. The Administration, not just the president but the entire administration, from all apparent evidence and appearance, seems to be in a death spiral of vast destruction. Not content to brag, "I WON", "I WILL NOT NEGOTIATE", and all the other kindergarten responses we must listen to and endure from arguably one of the absolute worst presidents in the nation's history, he has elected to again play "King". Now he has decided to enter the fashion world as it concerns our fading military.

Remember now, he has no background in anything, ANYTHING, especially military, nor does he have any background in history apart from the racial bigotry he learned running the streets and at the feet of his beloved anti-white preacher. So now he has issued an edict to change the United States Marine Corps uniform, as if we dont have enough woes today because of him and his Chicago Thugocracy. Yep. Not content with a Socialist slash and burn policy regarding America, now he wants the tough ole, dirty ole, manly ole Marines to look more "Unisex". In actuality, more feminine.

Because of the president and HIS Democrat party, our military is being financially decimated just to "Make It Hurt" and dont try to blame this on Republicans. Unless you have rewritten your own history you will recall that the Democrats forced this Sequester on the public to force the Republicans into agreeing to Democrat demands of taxation. Today, as the Marine Corps is actually struggling to even purchase sufficient ammunition, this total BOOB has directed the Dept, of Defense to spend an addition $8 million dollars to change the cover of the Marine Corps, one that was adopted in 1922 and worn with great pride by officers and men and women since to this "Glorified porter's cap". And of course the DoD is happily complying. Anything to maintain the Political Correctness so rampant today in the military. Eight million bucks! For something that does not need changing and is NOT wanted by the ultimate recipients. Its good to be King.

What have we done to deserve this? Must have been something terribly bad because its pretty terribly bad and getting worse!!!!!!!!!

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