Each of us are daily, hourly, bombarded by the constant and unrelenting deluge of advertizement. It goes on and on and on. Each morning, each time I log into my e-mail I have dozens of "I want your money" messages. Each time I sit down at my television I am bombarded with a constant flow of advertisements. As time passes, each of the television shows we watch grows shorter and shorter in actual content in order to allow the corporate world to exercise their ever growing, never stopping greed. They are voracious, unrelenting and most often ridiculous in their own content. And, with this nonstop deluge I become more and more determined NEVER to shop here, Never to buy there, NEVER to give any of my business, my time to this or that business. Businesses, of course, are immune to this sense of angst they continue to drown us with and just keep on stoking the fires. How many millions of us have become totally desensitized to television, radio, newspaper, mail flyer ads as to actually blocking them out? How many, like myself, sit at the television and continually change channels to move away from the constant ads, the Sales of the Century, the Buy one and get one free, the"I guarantee it" bilge? I REALLY do not care about the latest development in feminine hygiene, the great buttons you can push on the dash board of the new cars, MOR's no interest until the year 3000, Ford and Chevrolet's mad competition, how to permanently remove your body hair, the sadness and insecurity of impotence, the leg-length list of side effects for those new and expensive drugs, ad nauseum!!!!!

Retailers and advertisers really have no idea what they are doing to the watching, listening and reading public. Driven by their own greed and the smarmy advise of the Big City advertisement agencies, they bribe the stations and channels to air more and more of their inane ads. We can no longer merely watch a television show. The "leader" of one minute is followed by at least three to four commercials. Approximately five to seven minutes of "show" is aired followed immediately by a minimum of five to eight commercials at 12 minutes after the hour. Another two to three minuets of show and a litany of at least a half dozen ads. Another five to seven minutes of "show" and a repeat of a minimum of three to five ads. The "show" wraps up at about 28 minutes after the hour followed by another 3-6 ads. Station break with inserted ads and then on to the next block of ads, on and on and on!!

Much is said during those brief "news" breaks we get to see regarding desensitization of the youth surrounding the violence in the games the play and subsequently "play out" in the streets and neighborhoods. One never, however, hears anything regarding the desensitization of the public in general regarding the constant and never ending bombardment by the damned ads.

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Comment by Judith Piper on December 17, 2013 at 5:41pm

You are right David.  Sorry.

Comment by David Stanley on December 17, 2013 at 8:14am

Judith, I think you posted your comment on the wrong piece.  David


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