Remember when you were in school? There were always a few punks who talked loud, pushed people around - always smaller than themselves - and bullied any and all that were afraid. I met a few and, broke one nose in those meetings. I discovered what most others never did or will: Stand up to them, get tougher than them, beat them at their own game and, on occasion, give them a licking they will always deny but never forget. After a few of those "get togethers" I was seldom bothered or even approached by the resident bullies. I watched as other timid souls kowtowed and surrendered money and whatever was demanded and also on occasion stepped in and hurt a few because no one else would. I mention this because of what I am watching on the "news ad naseum" from the Mid West. I watch as these tough guys stomp up and down, waving their stupid little bully placards, screaming for cameras, shouting threats, curses and the filth and sewage expected from union members and making complete asses of themselves. I wonder how many of these tough guys would stand up one to one like the bullies in school? Probably count their total on one hand and many fingers to spare. Union members, themselves meek and subservient, are only strong when they stand in a mob, before a class of little children whom they can indoctrinate in the socialist agenda of their hero, Obama - OR when shoulder to shoulder with their wimp mates in front of cameras, knowing they face no consequences. Now Thats Genuine Bravery!! Tough Teamsters strut about when cameras are present, flexing muscles and talking tough. Same bullies, different scene.


So, what are these tough guys, doing? Why they demand, not ask, demand to be allowed to continue wresting money from the citizens for their union benefits, their union pay, their union time off, their union negotiations, their union everything (just like the bullies in school). They eat, sleep and breath "union" and willingly (also stupidly) turn their own money over to their wealthy union thug bosses each month to ensure the Progressive Socialist Democrat agenda. I read a headline crying the "Public Support Unions" but wonder. Is it the public or the press? Hmmm? Wisconsin and now Illinois voters and soon to be followed probably all over the country except for California, are screaming in support of those Governors but the press assures us, "Public Support Unions". Who will prevail? Why unions of course. Regardless of the outcome, the Feds will ensure that unions, their goons and their sheep will be well taken care of whilst the voters, the bill payers, will continue shelling out money so teachers and public employees WILL get their raises and  benefits and the tax payers will just fall deeper and deeper into the hole created by their leader, Obama and his Thugocracy.  David Stanley


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