For the first time that I can remember, defamatory mailers or “hit piece” have been delivered in La Mesa from big money and outside interests.  Mary England who has the only endorsement by the La Mesa Police Officers’ Association is being attacked by a “PAC”, or Political Action Committee calling itself “Public Safety Advocates” out of Encinitas.  The PAC is specifically targeting just one candidate, the only woman and the one with the most experience running in a field of five for the two open seats on the La Mesa City Council.  Why now and for this position?  Who is really behind this? 

If we follow the money, we don’t have to look very far.  Public records (Form 496) shows a contribution from Guy McWhirter, who donated $5,000 on 10/13/2014.  The “Public Safety Advocates” who have thus far put out three hit pieces on Mary have received their money not only from Guy McWhirter, but from many builders and developers, and a local Diamond dealer, CK Diamonds who is owned by Charles “Chuck” Kaderabek from El Cajon.  Each mailing against Mary England costs just under $5,000 and this PAC has spent to date $14,969.25 on these hit pieces.  Interesting…I didn’t see a “public safety” agency donating money to this PAC in the recent months, and Mary England is the Candidate that received the only endorsements from the La Mesa Police Officers’ Association as well as the La Mesa City Employees Association. Mary England also received the endorsement of the La Mesa Firefighters Local 4759. 

Guy McWhirter, a retired Bishop of the Mormon Church in his own words said he “recently completed his church responsibilities and turned management of his Farmer's Insurance Agency over to his daughter so he has the time and inclination to run for elected office”, is now running for La Mesa City Council. 

As I understand it, the church teaches that men and woman are equal and women are to be respected.  So, why would McWhirter give $5,000 to an outside special interest group to mail “hit pieces”, that are inaccurate with half-truths, attacking the only woman in the race?  He must be more like a professional politician then he’s letting on.  La Mesa deserves better.


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Comment by DEXTER LEVY on October 23, 2014 at 3:49pm


As far as I am aware, only one of Mr McWhirters opponents is the only one in the Local races who has any kind if inclination & expertise as to what a Professional Politician might be.  HMMMMM 

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