Hey! Have you heard the latest? YOUR government and YOUR President are considering stealing your homeowner's tax deduction. One of the few things you have left the government has not stolen from you! Pretty sweet deal, huh? So, lets take stock here. They and he stole your health coverage (ensuring by the way that none of them would have to be subjected to that abortion). They and he collapsed the housing market. They and he spend trillions of our dollars for a pig-in-poke deal they, he and his press label "Stimulus". Oh, how's that working out for you? Got any of that trillion dollars yet? They and he are trying every snake oil method they can think of to steal money with their "Cap and Trade" scheme. Over thirteen trillion dollars in debt and growing by billions daily. Has a great ring about it doesn;t it? Hey, when sheep and cattle stand about in the field and allow their government and way of life to be pirated away what do you expect?

People were starving, currency was all but worthless, soup and bread lines abounded throughout the land. Unemployment soared to never known heights and continued to climb. National pride had long disappeared. People scraped garbage cans for any food to be found. In the midst of all this came a man and a party. His rhetoric was captivating, riveting, holding and transforming the crowds. Those in power attempted to quiet this man who shouted he could fix everything, bring jobs, the value of money, food, National Pride!! The multitude proclaimed him "The Leader" and swore allegiance, dying allegiance because he could save them. He developed government jobs, fed the people, drastically reduced national unemployment and re-established National Pride. Now, as the contented sheep grazed and wrapped themselves in the warmth of their Leader, their savior, to protect the gains, established security forces. These forces strengthened the national pride. Proud silver trimmed black uniforms and shiny boots. Who would not stand straight and scream their gratitude and thanks? But national pride was not enough. They would have more room to live to grow their families. The sheep marched with their Leader and took that living room and all was good. A dark cancer existed in their midst and The Leader decided, to save his people, this must be cut out. Those who failed to march in his cause were labeled cancerous as well and were removed as well. So, there he stood, atop the monument built for him by the sheep. Beautiful face looking upward, arm raised in salute to their country and to himself. They called themselves the "National Democratic Socialist Party" and, along with the sheep, were proud. Today it is called the "Progressive Socialist Party" or Democrat Party and, along with the sheep, they are proud. Any familiar bells ringing here? Hear anything that sounds like your hear daily, hourly from the Democrat Party? Look at your "Leader". Proud huh? Think its about time to wake up and wander back out of the pasture again?? David!

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