Befuddled and getting madder every day!!

I am befuddled, flummoxed, confused. Each day, Each Day, I read and hear about this or that rank minority being upset by this or that. The "this or that" are and have ALL been Constitutionally guaranteed rights of all citizens and NOT the simple minded musings of a few. The Freedom From Religion radicals, a small but vocal band of fanatics, not dissimilar to the PETA outfit, are constantly prowling about, intimidating, threatening to sue, enlisting corrupt and perverted attorneys and judges to their twisted causes to further their highly questionable and always objectionable schemes.

Some of their brethren produce a movie about Orcas and suddenly all the liberal flakes in Hollywood and across the country rise up to destroy Seaworld because they have the gall, the nerve to care for and exhibit the Killer Whales. Why, those dastardly brutes at Seaworld should be, must be pilloried, hanged, drawn and quartered for feeding and caring for those wild beaties! A guy, one guy and his twisted lawyer, have fought now for decades to remove the Mt. Soledad Cross because "it offends" him, HIM! and the corruption of the legal system at times stands at his side and at others merely scratches its collective head. Poor, poor Atheists and anti-everything mob. A restaurant, NOT any government agency but a restaurant, offers patrons a discount if they think to offer a prayer for their meals and those champions of America leap into action. They intimidate the owner by threatening to sue because said owner is not conducting his business they way THEY: demand. Said owner does not have the vast amount of monies needed to fight off a threatened suit so he caves in and ceases his offer. Ah Hah! Another win for the Anti-Americans it appears. Today I read that the owner of a small pizza shop offers a 10% discount on Sundays if patrons have a church flier. HOLY HAMHOCKS, BATMAN. The anti-God mob is on the scene to protect their Anti-God brethren from this treasonous offer!

This goes on and on and on. Every day someone in one of the many radical and fanatical outfits about the country beat their chests and practice discrimination and intimidation against citizens and no one, CERTAINLY NOT your government, will do anything about it, make any effort to stop it.  And, in most cases YOUR government sides with the fanatics!! "Hi. I'm from the government and I'm here to help you". YEP. Here to help. What part of the Constitution, any passage anywhere in the Constitution asserts that the smallest minority has the absolute right to control, to destroy anything THEY do not agree with? I have a copy of said Constitution here beside me and I refer to it often. Why, Jeepers Creepers. Nowhere in MY copy of the Constitution are any of those things outlined. More specifically, no where in the Constitution is this business about Separation of Church and State EVER mentioned. It is ONLY found in the musing of Jefferson. Unfortunately, these musings have been embraced by corrupt courts and lawyers and redefined as THE LAW and stupid voters and even more stupid "citizens" just lump along with absolutely no idea, no notion of what is happening about them and this new concept is finally accepted as "THE LAW OF THE LAND". This nifty new "law" not only allows but promotes the usurpation of all things legal from citizens and staunchly stands beside and behind any and all minorities so long as their agenda is a twisted as it can possibly be and its promotion would and will even further pervert a once proud nation and send it further down the road to its destination, that of joining all the other Third World Nations with Liberal Progressivism, Collectivism, Socialism and minorities in total control. 

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