Car Show Comes Roaring Back

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LA MESA -- Perhaps vintage car shows are like vintage wines -- they're best if you wait for them, letting them mature.

The Back to the '50s car show started three weeks later this year, but the delay didn't seem to both its attendance. In fact, the number and quality of the cars at this inaugural week of the 2013 show seemed at recent highs. Spectators strolling by were numerous as well.

There were still a few grumps moaning about the delay and the inaccurate perception that the La Mesa police had something to do with it (the delay was financial in origin), but for the most part, the Thursday night streets were alive again with pedestrians and cruisers moving up and down the boulevard in great, old cars -- some close to the ground.

The show continues every Thursday now for the next eight week.

Jack Leary, the DJ who has been helping promote the event for the La Mesa Village Merchants Association this year, filed this report:

I would say the car community responded to opening night with a VERY LOUD "this is what we've been waiting for!!!!''

The streets were full of classic cars, hot rods, and motorcycles. The spectators were delighted with all the different eating establishments who were staffed and ready to go.

As Back To The 50's first ever "Show Manager," I was thrilled at the turn out and all the hard work put into getting this show ready for tonight.

I saw lots of new rides and lots of our "regulars" showing up and ready for crusin' La Mesa Style. The La Mesa Merchants Association has one of the best venues for show'n off those great classics.
We had great entertainment with the Santana Brothers (kids 8 to 15 years ) rockin' down across the tracks, Mike on the Mic filled into my old spot at Palm & La Mesa Blvd. and did a great job playing those "Oldies" we love to hear. The Moondawgs were jamin' up at Don Keating Cars with their surf and 60's tunes. What a great night, and thanks to "Costal Eddy" we were kept nice and cool all night long.

We have seven more weeks of this great show and hope you can make all of them. I will explain for just a moment on a couple of issues, 1- we have placed "ORANGE" colored signs on 15 of the parking meters between Spring and 4th Streets. These signs state NO Classic CAR SHOW PARKING PRIOR TO 5:00 PM. We want to give our merchants' visitors a place to park when they come to shop. If you are driving a Classic Car regardless of your intentions DO NOT PARK WHERE THE ORANGE CARDS ARE ON THE METERS.

2- If your driving any vehicle newer than 1973 do not park between Date Avenue on La Mesa Blvd. and 4th Street. This area is reserved for our classic cars.

3- If you drive any vehicle with more than TWO WHEELS do not park on North Palm Avenue. It is reserved for motorcycles ONLY after 5:00 PM.

These three issues cause the greatest concern for the merchants, the show, and the police.

If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me at 619-857-7272

Thank You,

Jack Leary

Show Manager


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Comment by chris shea on July 12, 2013 at 1:02pm

I'm always impressed with the color and beauty of the cars.  And I know their owners put in tons of hours making them look like they do.  I enjoy Car Show nights immensely.

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