We are down to practically hours now in the political races all about the country and the din is deafening and predictable. Are you watching,are you listening? Are you paying attention to what is happening everywhere? Did you catch the conspiracy by a CBS television station in Alaska trying to destroy the front runner, who just happens to be a Republican? Have you followed the candidates here in California wherein the Republican candidates continually attempt to discuss the problems faced and the issues to overcome whilst the Democrats continually and constantly smear, smear, smear, casting innuendos and lies that they know it is too late to attempt to stop? Are you watching, are you listening? A former President interjects himself into a race and tries to get a black candidate to drop out so a party favourite might stand a better chance of winning?

Note the common thread here? Democrats either are unable to, as is usually the case, debate on issues because they have nothing to offer apart from higher taxes and bigger giveaway schemes or are bereft of moral fibre and so must mock, defame, slander and lie about Republican opponents. Think back now. How long has it been since there has been a real political contest? One where both parties stood toe to toe with solid platforms they were projecting? Twenty years? Thirty years? At least that. It has always been the same. The Conservative tries to discuss issues whilst the LIberal shouts over them, interrupts them, laughs condescendlingly and begins every sentence with slanderous epithets.

Now this is great sport for the Democrats, Progressive Socialists and Morality Nazis as well as those cheering, drooling supporters, those gladly wading in the swamp of filth produced, daily, hourly by their party and candidates. But what about those of us who have the ability to see the travesties happening all about us? When we stand up we too are mocked, ridicules, slandered, spat upon and portrayed as subhumans who really dont know what is best. The press preselects their LIberal candidates then sets about destroying any who would dare speak counter to their messiahs!

So, are you watching, are you listening to what is happening? To our country not just being stolen by the barbarians but our morals spat upon and trampled, our youth indoctrinated and perverted, our honor mocked, our love of country ridiculed, our lives destroyed by who? By the Morality Nazis, by the Progressive Socialists, by the unions, by the teachers, by the Democrats, and they're lovin' it!!!


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