Are you following the black demonstrations? Of course you are. Television is seeing to it that you do, twenty four hours a day on every station that carries ANY "news" at all. Of course you are! And you have heard that self appointed, vomit inducing Jesse Jackson, that paragon of calm, that acme of "Lets just all get along", that, "Come on, we can live together", the guy that brags about having marched with the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., you've just heard him preaching again in his syrupy manner to promote rioting and demonstration. This is the guy who, when one of his is a victor and beats the system, gloats and grins for cameras but if a jury fails to adhere to his black agenda, well all hell is to rain down on the white devils and their "apartheid" system. Isnt it funny how one who professes to NOT be prejudice, not hate white people, not hate America, is so quick - EVERY TIME HE DOESNT GET HIS WAY - to scream damnation upon a nation? And for one who professes NOT to be a racist, what is this boycott thing he is demanding about the entire state of Florida? Sounds pretty racist to me.

Each time I pass over some black talking head on tv who claims to be a professional this or that and hear them spewing their own racism complete with shouting, glaring and fists banged on desks, I am sickened and get madder and madder. I remember seeing photos of black men hanging from light poles and trees and remember the sickness I felt seeing those images. I remember the grinning, aping faces of the lynch mobs who murdered these men and am sick even now. But, fast forward decades and we see much the same thing on television and newspaper front pages only the screaming, foaming, glaring faces are now black.and a nation based upon Affirmative Action and appeasement reels in wonder and shock. A Progressive population who has groveled and kowtowed to every black demand for decades, who has put aside their own highly qualified candidates for higher education for far lesser, totally unqualified blacks who statistically fail within the first year or two of their "favored placements". How can this be? This Politically Correct, "what ever you want" at everyone else's expense mob has, through its food stamps, its welfare, its special placements, its favored military promotions, its "move 'em to the front of the line so they wont riot", its "Promise 'em anything and everything but dont worry about really giving them anything so long as we get their votes" has brought the fruits to bear and we are witnessing their success!

"Why, we're not racists. We're black". Whats this?: Their placquards announce to the world that THEYarent racists, dont they? Did you see these same faces waving these same placquards following the acquittal of their hero O.J. Simpson when a white couple were butchered? Sure didnt. MSNBC and the New York Times, et al will keep this racism running at full steam so long as there is Jesse Jackson and an Al Sharpton out there to spew hate. So long as there is a president who joins in.

Their signs demand justice. I wonder how many can even spell the word let alone understand the meaning but do you?  "Justice" is the quality of being just and fair. "Jury System" is a legal system for determining the facts at issue in a law suit. "Verdict" is the finding of a jury concerning the facts submitted for issue. So. if FACTS are submitted to a jury, they consider these facts and render a decision, is that not then justice? Well, if you're black and the verdict is not what you want then its not. If you dont kowtow and appease your are then a racist, a white devil.

All it takes is a couple of white haters with bullhorns and the mob is going strong. Doesnt matter the issue. Windows were installed to be smashed werent they? "If I dont get my way we will boycott an entire state" Are they really that stupid?

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Comment by Jimmy Sanders on July 21, 2013 at 6:47pm

Ask our dolt of a state rep Shirley Weber! Will she ask Tiger Woods to come back to California?

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