Any excuse to smash windows, set fires, beat up innocent passers by will do. All over the country now black thugs and morons are playing at what they know and do best: Senseless Violence. All over the country communities are tippy toeing about, fearful less blacks come into their business areas and smash their windows, set their stores on fire. In Los Angeles, a couple sitting on a bus bench were attacked by these creatures. I am reminded of the nineteen fifties when the Kikuyues in Africa snatched up their machetes and murdered hundreds, shouting "Mau Mau"! What idiocy. What racist idiocy!!! MSNBC and CNN are doing their best to feed the fires of riots because thats the way they think. Black preachers and Community Organizers (you remember that job title?) are leaping about inciting violence throughout the country. Eric Holder, that paragon of justice, is making speeches to further incite. The Florida prosecution team has been shown to have withheld evidence and lied in official affidavits and further fan the flames. I watched Juan Williams this evening on the "news" bang his fists on the desk and spout manufactured information regarding the Zimmerman case and blatantly lie about the entire matter. He told the nation that Zimmerman just pulled his gun and murdered that punk. And what is the saddest thing of all, even more than that a death occurred, a life has been totally destroyed and millions lost in damages so far, what is so sad is that you can't expect to air the truth or even try to reason with these people regarding the matter and have anyone believe it now. The majority of blacks, even though knowing nothing about the event, have their own version and it gets better with each telling. The few blacks attempting to exercise common sense are now being labeled "Oreos" by their black bretheren and their words fall on deaf ears. The hate mongers and race baiters are having a field day fanning the flames.

Any Excuse. If it weren't this it would be something else. Any Excuse to prove to the world that American black citizens are, or at least it would appear, incapable of sane actions. Any Excuse to smash windows, burn cars, attack innocent victims. Its not just now. It happens every time they do not like the way the "Justice System" works. Notice they didnt smash and burn when their hero O.J. Simpson was acquitted by a know-nothing racist jury. Notice they are not smashing and burning windows over the 350 black on black murders last year in Chicago. Wonder why not? Do you see them burning flags and storefronts because of the exceptionally high unemployment rate amoungst blacks? Well, duh. But you get one guy with a bullhorn screaming hate the white man and their off to the races.   ANY EXCUSE!

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