Yesterday I sat me doon and wrote that piece about Detroit and how the corruption and stupidity of their "government" has led that once thriving city into utter ruin. I pointed out that whilst citizens continue to flee and the very city around them actually crumbles to resemble one bombed to pieces during the war, their council of thugs are further using what monies they can steal to BUILD A NEW SPORTS COMPLEX. Well, so they will not be left behind, rather than work and strive to save and hopefully resurrect their "bombed out" city, their council of thugs spent the day leaping about and screaming "Racism" to join the black and white mobs about the country regarding the Zimmerman verdict. Yep. Detroit celebrated its 176th murder this year and they want to be seen instep with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. A local communist  said, "Sure, the city is in bankruptcy. Detroit is flat broke. Pensioners are about to lose their livelihoods and southeast Michigan has sailed over the precipice of financial ruin. All this happened while the City Council continued to squawk at each other. Outsiders were portrayed as the source of the City's ills as the council continued on its path to ruin".

176 homicides, 5,385 aggravated assaults, Last year Detroit was celebrated as the nation's second most dangerous city! Much or most of the urban area lies in crumbling waste, public services are almost non-existant, Concerned citizens must take responsibility for most of the "Public" transportation and city maintenance and And they, all National Socialist Democrats and almost all black, still find the time, no steal the time, from their city's failure to join the nations white haters, race baiters and the highly lucrative industry surrounding the promotion of racism whilst blaming everyone and everything other than themselves for their plight.. Yep. The hits just keep on coming.

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