Well, they did it. An innocent man was tortured and made to stand mutely whilst the Politically Correct mob castigated his life, whilst race baiters screamed their racial hatred, while talking heads on all news outlets grinned, destroyed this man's reputation and life then collect their checks from the networks. Justice was done correctly but now wait for it. The riots will be on all the channels twenty four hours a day now. Enjoy.

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Comment by David Stanley on July 14, 2013 at 3:14pm

AND NOW ... Now that Zimmerman has suffered the filth and lies slung at him by Florida state prosecutors, he must endure the anti-white, anti-American offices of Eric Holder and his thugs in the Justice Department. It was not enough that Holder dispatched his thugs to rev up the anti-ZImmerman mob in Florida, he now is considering slamming the fellow on a trumped up civil rights charges. How long must we endure this Politically Correct, anti-American, anti-everything but black mob in goverment, both state and federal before WE THE PEOPLE have the courage to stand up and grab them by their collective throats?????? Can it be true that the sheep will continue to munch away at their fodder and blindly ignore what Obama and his Chicago thugs have done and continue to do to a once upon a time nation?????? Probably. We have become a nation of stupid sheep willing to blindly follow the lead of a tyrant and his gang, all the while watching out of control and appeased blacks riot in the streets because one of their thugs got what was coming to him!!!

Comment by David Stanley on July 14, 2013 at 9:39am

This just about explain what I am talking about?

Comment by David Stanley on July 14, 2013 at 8:58am

An Oakland police car is burned and officers must "form a line" to move rioters. Florida windows are smashed, fires set. Police throughout southern Florida report to work, detectives in uniform, and brace for what is to follow. Now, ask yourself: "Why?" All because of a national history of APPEASEMENT - give them stuff and they'll be quiet. Knowing that nothing will happen, blacks, as expected, as predicted, see the opportunity to party. They know nothing of the case apart from what they have told one another and what the white haters and race baiters on their beloved televisions have told them. And have you watched any of the television coverage? Especially MSNBC??? They fill the air with "No justice, no peace" crap and most of it shrieked by black talking heads who sit and manufacture non-existant "facts" regarding the case. NON-EXISTANT, LIES. Why? To fan the flames oh, and, of course, get a pay check from NBC. That single digit IQ Al Sharpton was "trying to still the waves" but his rhetoric spoke more to: "Come On, Brothers!" It seems there are at least two calibres, levels of civilization in this nation now. One striving to support a crumbling nation and the other, ill educated, narcissistic and with a tendency toward the more childish and stupid things in life. The latter so so easily swayed and convinced of anything. LIke the Imams who preach hatred of all things non-Islamic, so many black preachers preach hate and violence against anything white. And what is at the root of all this? APPEASEMENT, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. What causes that scowl on the black man's face when the cameras are turned toward him? Ask rather why a group of apologists, a mob of "lets give 'em everything even though none of it is earned" lackies walk, talk and act black in a vain effort to be black. But most of all, why are the actions so predictable, because they certainly are.

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