A Doggone Shame

An Open Letter to my Four Legged Friends

Dear Doggies of La Mesa,

It's me.  Chris Shea, owner of Lifesighs Cards at 8219 La Mesa Boulevard.  You know me,  the lady whose greeting card store is sandwiched in between the Billiards store and the iTan establishment.  The lady who loves it when you poke your head and waggy tails inside the door to say hi.

I just wanted to explain something to you that might have noticed this weekend.  On Friday when I closed my shop, I walked out the door and realized how terribly hot it was outside. 

Normally when I lock up, I bring in my water bowl that sits beside the planter outside my store.  At first when I moved here last November, I left the water bowl out all the time.  But then someone, and I know it was not one of you four legged friends, took the bowl overnight and never returned it.

Well I got another bowl, because I can't bear to be a shop that doesn't offer a nice clean, cool bowl of water for all of you when you walk your people around the village.  But, alas, that one also became the object of someone's desire and it was gone too.

When I got a new bowl to replace bowl number two,  I decided I'd have to bring in the bowl when I left at night; and that's why, when you wander past Lifesighs after 4, there isn't water here anymore.

Today when I got to work, I saw that my precious water bowl, left outside on Friday because it was so beastly hot, was gone.  (And it had belonged to a lovely Airedale named Ginger who got her wings and now lives above us all so it had a kind of sentimental value to me besides being something I know all of you appreciated and enjoyed.)

Upon discovering this morning that Ginger's bowl was gone,  I looked around the store to see what I had that might be a suitable vessel from which all you doggies could to grab a refreshing drink.  I found an old Tupperware celery keeper that I have had for a century or more.  Normally used to hold a few books, most notably "Grover's Bad Awful Day," it holds a nice amount of water and is low enough for you tiny ones to drink from.

So it's with the utmost sorrow I need to inform you that I will once again be bringing in the water when I leave in the evening, so if you need water, you will have to go up the block a little further.  I am sorry that you will have to walk a bit more between slurps, but I think three water bowls going missing is enough.  I hope you will forgive me!

Be good dogs, mind your owners and thanks as ever for stopping by and being such wonderful furry examples of loyalty and beauty, intelligence and joy.  My days would be diminished without your walking past every day!


Chris Shea

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Comment by Marie McLaughlin on July 3, 2013 at 7:14am

Chris, Maybe if you labeled your bowl people would be less apt to assume it's up for grabs.  If your 'borrowed' bowls have sentimental attachment, perhaps you could leave a note next to your Tupperware water dish.  The petty theft in my shop never ceases to amaze me..stoppers off decanters, knobs off radios, shoes off dolls, pendulums off clocks, etc.   Worse, of course, are the thieves who sneak items inside their clothes, purses or even baby strollers!

Comment by Barbara Lawrence on July 1, 2013 at 5:46pm
That's a shame. I know at Fiesta Island someone has drilled holes in stainless bowls and they're chained to trees. Works pretty well
Comment by chris shea on July 1, 2013 at 3:43pm

Thanks for your thoughts.  To set the record straight, Ginger was my office manager's dog.  She loved her dog very much, and her current dog Boogie was too small for the big bowl so she lent me the bowl after the other vanished.  What on earth would we do without our pets?

Comment by Linus Ewell on July 1, 2013 at 3:36pm

What's wrong with people anyhow?  I thought your story might be about idiot dog owners that leave their dogs in their car when it's hot.  I had it out a month ago over a couple eating inside the air conditioned Subway while their little dog was sitting in their car with the windows barely rolled down.  It was about 90 degrees that day.  Think people! Think! 

And Chris, sorry about your losing your Ginger's bowl.  I save bowls from my former dogs too.


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