This is November 4th. This is a very important day. Question of the day: "What important event happens today?" 

Now, for you and I, this may appear to be a rather ridiculous question. For you and I this question would never occur, in any form or fashion. If asked this question during a "Man on the street" interview we would no doubt look at the interviewer as though they were stupid. I know you have watched countless "Man on the street" interviews on the television and have shaken your head at the unbelievable stupidity of the responses but then have merely dismissed the segment. But consider those interviews now, on November 4th, a very important day.

I just watched an interview from the campus of Texas Tech. Seemingly smart students at a technical university. Oh, and this same type of interview can be conducted on any college, university, high school campus, any street corner, any neighborhood in the nation and with exactly the same results. And each time the viewer will shake their head and ask themselves, "What kind of education have these kids, these people received?????". The young lady asking students questions inquired first: "Who won the Civil War?" These were Juniors and Seniors in the university now. A dozen were asked and NO ONE KNEW! They were asked the name of the Vice President - the sound of crickets as we watched dumb faces. "From whom did we win our independence?". "Uh .......". Followed by a series of what movie and/or tv personality was married to whom. Every answer was proudly and quickly and correctly spewed out. Such in the condition of American education yesterday, today and tomorrow and tomorrow. Oh, and one final note: EACH PERSON INTERVIEWED WAS OLD ENOUGH TO VOTE AND CERTAINLY WILL!!!!  Does that tell you anything regarding the condition of education in our nation today? California, with all the money "spent" to constantly improve and update, is 45th in the nation and one could well expect these types of responses. Texas, however, is 12th and should be far brighter. NOPE! Stupid is stupid wherever you go. And, I note, this not a racial thing, a gender thing. It is a total failure of education and a total corruption of a so called "educational system", from the federal level to pre-primary grades and it sits squarely upon the shoulders of TEACHERS and their beloved UNIONS!

So, today is November 4th, a special day. Despite all the last minute and desperate lies and slanderous name calling by Democrats seeing their defeat looming, today is special for the nation, the states, the communities for us and for YOU. Despite all the bombastic promises (of course none to be kept), you have made up your mind months ago for whom to vote. All the hundreds of millions of dollars spent really have been a total waste of money, the aired television spots a total waste of time. You Know. Whether Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, patriot or radical, you know. And, sadly,  those stupid amoungst us, and every one except the stupid amoungst us know who they are, will also vote. Despite the blatant and totally disregarded efforts to cheat, lie, rig votes, buy votes, bribe for votes, we will continue to try to maintain our Republic. We, my wife and I, will vote today with very little hope of any honest outcome, thanks in large part but the towering stupidity of citizens as well the corruption that is sapping the nation of hope. But we'll vote. And I, we, hope you will as well. But know for whom and for what you are voting and do not merely walk into that booth and make your decisions then based upon lies, based upon what you saw on television. Only informed voters can make a difference. Is that YOU?

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Comment by Gene Carpenter on November 4, 2014 at 7:26pm
You seem to do a really good job of making my argument for me. Thank you!
Comment by David Stanley on November 4, 2014 at 7:26pm

Oh yes, Gene. Have you followed over recent days the massive numbers of voting machine issues wherein Democrats have always been found to be selected by the machines when Republican voters have voted otherwise? And there is a massive example of this phenomenon today nation-wide. Notice that none of the machines and errors have ever favoured Republicans? See? You can add routine massive voter fraud nation-wide BY YOUR DEMOCRAT PARTY! How does that square with your beliefs?

Comment by David Stanley on November 4, 2014 at 7:05pm

As usual, the Gene Carpenter smarmy comments. Illustrative of the small thinker. Illustrative of those who really believe the Progressive, Liberal, Socialist status quo (so long as the nation marches in lock step with their Lenin predecessors) is the only path to their Marxist ideology. You and people like you are too shallow to really look at and analyse the "why" and any possible solutions apart from Seig Heil! You continue to keep the same people in office that are destroying the nation and sing hosannah! You are incapable of debate. Rather, you always resort to smarmy and stupid comments like those you have penned. I note also that these type comments are always the first and last resort of persons, like yourself, who have nothing to contribute and must leap immediately to dismissal, defamation, ridicule and lies. Never having ANYTHING to contribute to any effort to correct and change, you cant do anything else but! Yes! Teachers are to blame! Yes! Unions and their greed are to blame! Yes! Empty headed and unthinking voters are to blame! Yes! Democrats are to blame! They make every effort to cheat, lie, stack the deck in their favour to win NO MATTER WHAT THEY HAVE TO DO AND SAY! Yes! People like YOU are to blame! You will continue to support the creature in the White House and his minions, NO MATTER WHAT DAMAGE THEY CONTINUE TO PERFORM! You and yours, Scott Peters for example, has gleefully spewed filth about his opponent. Now why is that? Could it be that he, like YOU, has nothing positive to contribute to the campaign, unable to debate or even discuss without innuendos and your cutesy comments, so must resort to typical Democrat filth slinging? HMMM? Sheheen in New Hampshire was just discovered today to have worked closely with your Messiah and his IRS to attack Conservatives. No problems there though. Thats the way YOU and your people work and we are burdened with Republicans who are too timid and afraid of the press and YOUR Political Correctness Police to even mumble very loudly. Do I focus a bright light to show the problems? You betcha! You wont! Any discussion of alternatives to the Socialist agenda are subject to Democrat/Socialist ridicule and you have proven yourself once again. Good going, mate!

Comment by Gene Carpenter on November 4, 2014 at 10:27am
Thank God we have people like you David with your bright and focused light to show us all the problems our Country face and that these problems rest squarely on the shoulders of the Democrats, Unions, and Teachers. Thank you for showing us the way and what is the only real solution to our Countries problems.

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