Today's history lesson concerns an organization named, "Sicherheitsdienst" or "SD" for short. It was the Nazi Germany Security Service. Originally formed in 1931 as the "Ic-Dienst", it quickly morphed into the "Sicherheitsdients" by 1932 and was the Nazi party's Party Information Service by 1934.  It was divided into two distinct branches: "Ordnungpolizei" and "Sicherheitspolizei". The former being responsible for all municipal and rural police and the latter for primarily state police intelligence and a little organization called, "Gestapo: or Geheime Statspolizei. Beneath the umbrella of the SD the Nazi party was able to control and direct all "legal" operations withing their sphere of control throughout Europe. Vast amounts of "intelligence" was collected and maintained through the years of 1931 through mid-1945, which was used for the total control of and crushing of German and European citizens during the war.

Leap across the Atlantic to the United States, way back in the year 1896. The National Bureau of Criminal Identification, was formed. Their goal was to provide agencies across the country with information to enable them to identify criminals. After the assassination of President McKinley the Bureau morphed into the an agency designed to "protect the nation from anarchists" and was finally reformed as the Federal Bureau of Investigation by 1908. Fellow named J. Edger Hoover took control of this new FBI from 1924 to 1972. The Bureau did some really spectacular business during that era and has continued through to today. On the darker side of this organization, however, was the collection and preservation of "information" by the highest levels of the FBI which was often used for personal gain and political leverage. Not unlike its German counterpart during the 30s and 40s, leadership of the American security service held powerful sway over political rivals and even Presidents. But, unlike its counterpart, the SD, people did not simply disappear, that we know of that is.

Enter the time machine to today. Little organization named the National Security Agency, "NSA" has been around for a long time, since 1917, to, like the original National Bureau of Criminal Identification, "Protect us". Following 9/11, and certainly years preceeding, this NSA has collected literally mountains of information on the "bad guys". But, in recent times, with the revelations of its operations by one Edward Snowden, we now know and the NSA freely admits, smilingly, that they have been and continue to maintain close surveillance on all or most American citizens. This done with the willing assistance of phone services and I am sure ALL government agencies, particularly our favourite, the IRS. A public furor has risen regarding the "Spying" on US, the citizenry by our own government. Arise the spector of the Sicherheitsdienst! Spying on US! They, the NSA, assures us that its for our own good, as did the SD a few years ago. Our own good.

Well ... Judge Richard Leon, U.S. District Court, has slammed an Injunction on our version of the SD saying their activities "likely violates the Constitution". "Today a secret program authorized by a secret court was, when exposed to the light of day, found to violate American's rights. It is the first of many". Calling the program, "Almost Orwellian", Judge Leon said, "I cannot image a more "indiscriminate and arbitrary invasion than this systematic collection and retention of personal data on virtually every single citizen ...". Obama and his thugs, of course, defend this continuing operation "as a crucial tool" in their fight against terrorism. But then so did the Nazis if and when anyone dared to question the operation of their Sicherheitsdienst didnt they?

How do we balance the need for security with the clandestine intrusion into each of our lives and WITHOUT our permission? In order to protect ourselves must we give up our private lives? Isnt this the very basis of our Constitution. The primary responsibility of the federal government, contrary to what Obama and his Chicago back alley thugs grin and tell us, is to PROTECT! Is "Protecting" us defined as secretly spying on us, listening and cataloguing our telephone calls? Certainly we are raising our own crop of home-grown terrorist and loonies and we must watch them closely but does the Constitution provide for this BIG BROTHER operation? Oh sure. The counter argument might cite Miranda and its rule of advisement. But, this same Miranda Advisement kept the "Good Guys" straight, for the most part, and also ensures the "Bad Guys" their Constitutional rights. Miranda, whilst hampering some investigations, ensures property investigations and operations, or at least it is suppose to. So ... Miranda=Good. NSA=Bad???

I have referred often to the Orwellian nature of government today and it has never been so apparent as in the operation of organizations such as NSA, IRS, and on and on. And we, the citizens, like Winston Smith, meekly allow it to continue. Meekly march to the polls and continue to vote for those who happily assure us, "Hi. I'm from the government. I'm here to help you".

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