I'd like to tell you a short story. A story about some guys who are very tall, who can and do look you right in the eye and you know, "These are the guys King was talking about. This is the kind of person I want living next door to me, sharing a beer with, grilling in the back yard".

Seems that in New Jersey there is a store whose security locks failed, unbeknownst to the owner or the police. When employees closed for the evening the locks failed to engage apparently, leaving the front door unsecured and the lights remaining of, again for security purposes. Later in the evening four guys came into the unlocked store and began shopping. They picked up some batteries, sunglasses and various items then went to the counter to pay. Seeing no clerk, they could have had  a great laugh and walked out but NO. They called, whistled, made noise to attract the clerk, but, no clerk. So, rather than just walk away, these four guys begin pulling out their money, counting out the total payment and one even waving some bills at the security camera to let the owner know that they were NOT thieves. They gathered their bounty and strolled out. Later, police discovered the unlocked front door, checked for a break in then notified the owner. On arrival, the owner discovered that nothing was missing or even out of place but there was money on the counter beside the register. Playing back security tapes, the owner and police discovered what had happened. A little later all four of the guys, football players from a nearby university by the way, all four were awarded $50 gift certificates and thanks.

Today, what is coming to be called the "I Have A Dream" day by a great many, seems to be a day of celebration by and for black Americans. Whether a priest or a thug with a gun, and just about everyone in between, this would appear to be your day.  I note here that, whilst much is said about black on black crime and murders, black this and black that much we see and hear in the news regarding black citizens seems to come out negative. I further note here that the four football players in this wee story were black as well. Each of them concerned to do the right thing. This then is a short story of honesty, integrity, citizenship and self pride. These guys can come to my home any time and I'll cook them the best dinner I know how. Thanks guys.

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