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LA MESA -- Five days a week I sit at my desk at 8219 La Mesa Boulevard where I have a bird's eye view of the sidewalk and the street outside.  It's my perch from which I watch people, dogs, cars, trucks, police motor cycles ambulances and fire engines go past my Lifesighs Cards store.  It is a blessing I never take for granted.

Before the year 2014 becomes 2015, I would like to extend special wishes for happiness in the coming year to a few people whose lives touched mine here at Lifesighs Cards. 

To the woman whose friend died recently, I wish you joy and the continuing presence of all the spiritual qualities of friendship you had together.  May your sorrow be lightened by the joy and laughter of the special connection you shared.  I don't think those connections ever end.

To the woman who walks past my store now without her husband, I wish you the awareness of his never- ending companionship side by side with you.  Sometimes I see him beside you still.

To the woman whose dog died: I wish you, after your grief ebbs, the chaos and merriment a new puppy or dog will bring when your old dog sends one to your door.  Your dog isn't far away, you know...

To the man who always looks hungry and too hot or too cold: I wish you shelter somewhere safe.  I wish you a full tummy too.  Maybe hot soup to warm your bones at night.

To the little girl who dropped, and shattered, her mother's iPhone in front of my store: I wish your parents a sturdy case for the next one.  It wasn't your fault!

To the few politicians who stopped by:  I wish you the ability to reach your goals with hard work and good will.

I'll pray for you daily.

To the people who stop in my store and then wonder why they came here:  I wish you all the answers your heart is seeking.  Come back  any time.

And to everyone else who has crossed the threshold here at Lifesighs or even just walked or driven past, I wish you a year where no tears fall unless they're tears of joy.  

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Comment by Suzanne Shea Reed on January 1, 2015 at 12:41pm

Happy New Year to you and yours, Chris!  Love to read your articles.   I also love knowing your shop is in our village and I can walk by, pop in and talk, or even just  wave hello as I dash here and there!  XO,  Sooz   

Comment by Lisa Moore on December 31, 2014 at 2:59pm

What a lovely piece Chris!  I always enjoy your messages :-)   Happy New Year to you and wishing La Mesa a prosperous new year!!!

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