A saga of San Diego, or "We can do it but they cant"

Yet another San Diego saga is unfolding right before our eyes but, unless you are a card carrying National Socialist Democrat and thereby accept any and all perversions and perverts into the ranks for more votes, you can see where this should be heading.  The suckers of San Diego, knowing full well Bob Filner's background and propensities, embraced him and his team of questionable minions. They welcomed him and them with open arms with their votes. There is an adage that says something like "You get exactly what you asked for". Well, "YOU ASKED FOR IT AND YOU GOT IT". A real jackpot!

I have a problem with the daily sexual escapades saga of their beloved Mayor in that I continue to hear accusations and allegations but have official complaints been filed yet? Nothing happens until it is "official". I have a problem with Donna Frye's involvement also. She professes to "Only care about 'those poor women' but are we actually watching posturing and positioning of an "advocate" who will "step up and accept the position of Mayor even though she denies these possibilities?

What I have the most problem with to date, however, is the "Circling of wagons" by the local National Socialist Democrat Party as well as the Nation's Girlfriend, Nancy Pelosi. Ever notice that when a Republican or Conservative transgresses it is thought "The Perfect Storm" has blown in. Nazi politicians at ALL levels of government foam at the mouth, beat their fists on podiums, shout for television cameras, demand immediate removal from office and immediate execution. Notice that? And whenever one of their fellow Nazis is caught with several hundred thousand dollars hidden in a home freezer, well, we just cant judge him. He must be innocent because he is a National Socialist. When a black Mayor of, oh, say Detroit, is accused and convicted of massive corruption and outright theft, well then, he's okay. He's one of "us". When a Governor of a state is arrested and convicted of massive corruption, well, he's okay. He's one of us. When a sitting Senator "forgets" to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes on off shore property he has hidden so he can duck paying those taxes, well, He's okay.  He's one of us. When another sitting Senator runs a homosexual prostitution operation out of his own home and is caught, Well, he's okay. He's one of us. When sitting Senators are completely responsible for the financial crashing of a nation's economy and then blithely stroll on and retire after having become enormously wealthy whilst in office then retire with staggeringly rewarding retirements and life time benefits. Well, its okay. He's one of us. When a president, who just happens to be a National Socialist Democrat and a racist on top of everything else, transgresses, well, he's okay. He's one of us. When a sitting Senator demands that that organization vote for a health law, says, "we must vote for it before we can see whats in it", well, she's okay. She's one us us.

Zip back to little ole San Diego. Got a Mayor with a well established track record and well recognized history of sexual exploits throughout his history. Toss in a lengthy history of bullying the underlings around him. What do you get? Fellow politicians and fellow National Socialists substantiate his activities over the years. Said Mayor stupidly makes a gushing video admitting his sexual transgressions then turns right around and grins, rat-like, and announces that he is just a touchy-feely kinda guy. Then, then, the local National Socialists "look into it" and announce that he's okay. He's one of us!!!

When asked if a bias exists within the press between 85 and 90% of all "reporters" and news readers look aghast, unbelieving they are hearing this question, and shout, "NOT US. We only report the news". Well, we all believe that, right? When asked if National Socialist Democrats are biased dont they ALWAYS divert the question and conversation then begin blaming those dastardly ole obstructionists - the Republicans? When a National Socialist is caught or found out to be a crook dont they ALWAYS circle the wagons and protect the criminal but move at light speed to damn anyone of the Conservative flavour. Isnt this EXACTLY what is happening right here? Why, there's no bias, not protectionism, no covering for corrupt politicians so long as they grin at cameras and remind the world that they are Democrats. They're okay. They're one of us.

WE CAN DO IT BUT THEY CANT! Because, it would seem, National Socialist Democrats just do not have that gene that affords one to recognize and feel SHAME. They lack, apparently, the ability to see beyound their political bias and must protect their own because THATS WHERE THE VOTES ARE! Does anyone out there recognize corruption when they see it? Is Detroit a victim of circumstances or a victim of corruption? Is San Diego the victim of circumstance and innuendos or corruption? Do you even care? Sure hope these things do not spring up in our Village.

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