A question of politically correct expediency

You've been following the George Zimmerman trial.Of course you have. You cant help but follow it. The press has, like all other camera-in-the-court fiascos, gone insane with 24 hour coverage.  You cant go anywhere without hearing about. Everyone has an opinion on the case and most tend to make up facts for the case, not matching anything in real life, as they go along. Why, I watched a woman last evening spewing forth completely manufactured "facts" and yet she was touted as some type of expert. ?????? In most minds a conviction is a foregone conclusion. Not because of any guilt but strictly because of Political Correctness and appeasement. WOW! What does that mean? "Appeasement"?? Unless you are also a politically correct freak as well you know exactly what I mean by "Appeasement". Unfortunately, with the dumbing down of the nation, coupled with "femininization" of the American male, most of you, even though you shout "NO, not me" practice political correctness each and every day. You're just too brainwashed and/or stupid to realize it perhaps? "Appeasement"? Why, is Zimmerman, who was given the right of self defense by the very state attempting to crucify him, is acquitted, tune in to the riots. Oh Boy. It will be another Watts with blacks burning black and Korean businesses, stupid whites wandering through to gawk and being swept up and victimized. Oh Boy!

So, because of politically correct expediency, George Zimmerman MUST be convicted. The Florida prosecutor's case, as anyone but the radical racists can see, is so weak as to be non-existant. The judge, while far superior to that in other radical cases recently, has continued to favour prosecution in perhaps 95% of her decisions and most recently opened the door for conviction on a charge only today introduced by the doddering prosecution. Because all the prosecution's witnesses have only aided the defense in the matter they must, in the last moments, the last gasps, tug at straws, knowing the "wink, wink, nod, nod" is there from the judge. Oh, and need I say it? Should that abbreviated jury panel screw up and actually acquit Zimmerman STAND BY!. Every race baiter, every radical black preacher, every street thug, every reporter, every television camera crew, will be on the street fomenting violence so they can snap their galluses, grin for cameras and say, "See? I tole ya".

So, what we are witnessing is the last gasp of a foregone dog and pony show designed  to appease radical, white hating, ignorant blacks willing to do and repeat anything told to them by their equally ignorant preachers and Jesse Jacksons. Less we forget,lthere is an army of whites in this politically correct legion who grin and wave their cardboard placquards with the mob as well.

So, any wagers on how this will end?

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