Years ago I watched a great film, "Lawrence of Arabia", wherein, having defeated the foe, the Arabs gathered together in a great hall to form a just and fair government. Lawrence, sitting in awe of what was transpiring, looked about aghast and in wonder of the towering childlike stupidity he was witnessing. The Arabs, gathered in their tribes, sat in specific locations and screamed at one another like ill behaving children, brandishing swords, pistols and rifles, spittle flying and eyes glaring. No two groups could or would agree because of their childlike greed and grasping. Various "leader" types would stomp back and forth atop tables waving swords and cutting great gashes into the surfaces in demonstrations of their prowess whilst cursing and spitting. All very animalistic and symptomatic of immensely retarded individuals bent upon showing all others they were tough and nothing else.

Fast forward to the pretty recent "Arab Spring". What I saw was exactly the same thing once again except, rather than swords, AK-47s were brandished, hundreds of rounds fired stupidly into the air - constantly - Iranian rockets and other munitions fired, bombs ignited, tanks and armoured cars rushing hither and yon, racing horses and camels, bodies lying about, shot to death or crushed beneath wheels or treads, casualties waiting and pleading for help, and the constant leaping, and screaming of celebrating retarded children. "News" cameramen assaulted, Female reporters assaulted and raped. Yep. Pretty much the same as I watched in the movie. A bunch of mostly illiterate thugs achieving little or nothing but shouting, "WE WON" and destroying everything. Hey. Sounds like the Obama Administration abit doesnt it?

Come even more recent. The murderers in Palestine calling themselves Hamas, repeatedly firing their Iranian supplied rockets into Israel and then, when Israel kicks the beJesus out of them, they cry foul and seek a halt so they can get more munitions and things from Iran. They leap about again like the retarded children they really are, scream, "Victory" and shoot guns into the air all the while all about them is the devastation wrought by Israeli response. Wow! Theres that movie again.

In steps Egypt and their new Muslim Brotherhood President, Morsi. They, by the way have been assisting the drooling murderers in attacking Israel by importing Iranian missiles and giving them to the shooters. So, in comes Morsi. Odd. He doesnt have the jutting jaw of Mussolini, the swagger and pompostiy of Hitler. His thugs are not murdering everyone like Pol Pot. He is just another Arab stiff with a stupid haircut, needing a shave like most of them, who tells television cameras he is on the side of the people. And, of course, they all ,save FOX, believe his every word. He stomps into meetings, winks at his Palestinian murderer pals and gets a cease fire from the parties. Israel begins pulling their troops back from staging points, rolling back their armour and Hamas awaits more Iranian missiles, shipped to Sudan the carried by Egyptians to Palestine. Theres your truce.

So, now the great leader, someone, like the murderous Arafat, who will probably receive a Nobel Peace Medal and be exalted by Time magazine, CNN and MSNBC as man of the year, returns to Egypt full of himself. He promptly, just like the movie and like every other Muslim and Arab in similar position would, passes edicts raising himself to dictator status. He is immune to anything and everything. Like those dictators before him, he can now seemingly do what he wants TO whom he wants and is above the law. His rabid followers, you remember, the Muslim Brotherhood?, His rabid followers set about to enforce his edicts with muscle and Iranian weaponry. Thousands of Arab Egyptians, seeing what has happened to their efforts to rid themselves of a dictator only to have him replaced, fight back. Lawrence of Arabia, conference scene repeated all over again!

Given the apparent propensities of these Muslims and Arabs seemingly in general, and their goal of  planetary domination for their beloved Islam, what can we the Great Satan and all other non-Muslims expect when we live in a Muslim World? Wow! First and foremost: Sharia Law! Unless you live beneath a stone you know exactly what that entails. Witness England, France and much of Europe today! Next, petty and murderous dictators everywhere, squabbling and fighting over domination and personal greed (remember the film?). Oh sure, the Arabs gave us great and wonderous  scientific and literary leaps but are you witnessing any of that today as they are taking over Europe? Will we all, those allowed to live, be wandering and scrabbling in the trash and rubbish that forever litters their own cities, little or no work, little decent food or potable water, forever watching out for the thugs roaming streets posing as "official" police enforcers? Look at any, ANY "news" report from anywhere in the region and picture your country, our country looking like that, those conditions HERE and theres your Muslim World. And, finally, its here already. Sharia Law is being practiced right here in this country, at the consent of our government and support of YOUR Administration. Not many places yet but its happening as I write these lines. A United States Legislator is allowed to take HIS oath on HIS Koran rather than the Bible like ALL OTHER Legislators are required. Our prisons are filled with Muslim converts who are regularly released into our midst to recruit new members. YOUR President is openly a supporter of Islam and things Muslim and a cowed Congress and Senate kowtow and allow it to continue and flourish. Socialism is pretty much the Law of the Land here today and supporters, in their zeal to further convert and pervert our nation, encourage all these activities. Hey, mates, YOUR LIVING IN A MUSLIM WORLD right now and its getting bigger and bigger. How do you like your Hope and Change NOW!





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Comment by David Stanley on November 25, 2012 at 8:01am

Short followup: Seen the headlines? Hezbolah is now telling the world that IT plans to ape Hamas by "hurling thousands of rockets into Tel Aviv".  All this whilst their red sweat banded morons leap about, waving arms and screaming "They Won". Remember the film? Deja Vu.

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