A downward spiral or "Circling the drain"

In its nonstop program of global apologetic appeasement and groveling whilst continuing to bluster of yesterday's strength, the Obama (even the name is hateful) regime has once again taken a great stride in selling out. Whilst the North Korean thug, Baby Kim, plays Mussolini, starving the suckers of his nation, one of our own nation' s notorious traitors, John Kerry, was jutting out his chin and beating his chest, begging the help of China and Japan and looking like the halfwit he is for television cameras. Four, count them, four times this country has tippie toed and kowtowed to the empty threats of the North Korean morons who promised, each time, to stop their development and deployment of nuclear weapons. We stupidly, backed by the terrorists in the United Nations, gleefully shipped hundreds of thousands of tons of foodstuffs to the creatures who laughingly received same and used it for personal profit and to further finance their ongoing nuclear program. US "statesmen" returned, in the fashion of British McMillan, and announced that they had defused the near thing and we had once again "Peace In Our Time". Wait, wait. Is that Iran sneeking peeks from the side curtains awaiting the outcome of this show so they can continue their own? What suckers, What fools. Can you hear the laughter?

During the middle and later years of the Roman Empire the Senate was wont to do exactly the same thing. Northern European tribes would initiate raids in the provinces. Rather than retaliate militarily, the government would generally attempt to bribe chieftains to stop future raids. The bribes more often than not resulted in more and more raiding in order to get more and more bribes. Only as a last resort were Legions marched out and Auxiliaries mobilized to set things straight. And at that the "setting straight" was temporary at best. Sounds rather like today's Middle Eastern intellect, huh? Difference being, however, when the Legions set things straight, they Set Things Straight.  They generally did not have some simpleton announcing to the world that they were pulling back the troops on a certain date and that the tribes only had to wait for that departure to begin to play once again. In several promotional interviews during my career I was asked why I had taken my college degree in Anthropology and History. Each time I was surprised at the stupidity of the question from someone I had erroneously assumed was somewhat knowledgeable. My response in each instance was the famous quote, "Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it". And, shazam!! You are watching the repeat and repeat over and over again, perpetrated by amateur statesmen appointed by an amateur and unqualified President who, himself, is so busy playing President and showing the world how swell he is that, given recent rhetoric, we could conceivable stand at the brink of nuclear warfare. Aint that great?.

Do you recognize the correlation between the issues I have described? Do you or have you even bothered to sit and think about repeating history? Are you even aware of what happened to the Roman Empire? I dont mean that silly pap about being sacked by Barbarians that you were indoctrinated with. I mean the facts brought about by the corruption rotting the internal structure of the nation. I mean the resulting weakness that brought about its own "Circling of the drain" because, those of you who have not bothered to study history found it more fun to socialize or play childish games and react to rumor and gossip from equally stupid neighbors are certainly witnessing that repetition today. Oh, its not just your Fuhrer's failure. Things looked better for awhile during and shortly after President Reagan's terms but following that, well, if you were to just for a moment stop playing with Facebook and really think about what YOUR National Socialist Democrat Party and the turncoats in the Republican party have done and continue to do to the entire nation you can actually hear the "swishing" sound as WE circle the drain. Can you hear it?


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