As totally predicted and totally expected, windows are smashed and fires purposely set whilst minions of racism flaunt their abilities to show the entire planet how incredibly stupid and racist they really are.

Perhaps THE most collectively racist of any group in the nation are the very same ones who scream, Kindergarten-like, that they are collectively the "victims" of racism. The very people whose foul and filthy language echoes from shore to shore burn the flag and one another's businesses because a jury that "their" representatives  in the Florida legal system selected didnt follow the Politically Correct line of appeasement and kowtow to black demands that another citizen, a victim in this case, be burned at the alter of Affirmative Action and appeasement. Watch any, ANY television news outlet, particularly MSNBC and CNN and you witness black hatred, prejudice and blatant racism spewing in all directions. Oh, they cite the Zimmerman trial and verdict but they blame everyone BUT themselves, everyone BUT a member of their own group. Does this appear more than abit child-like to you? Certainly does to me.

Whilst over 350 black deaths occurred in the CIty of Chicago last year, most of which were reported to be "Black on Black", those thugs and gangsters get a pass with little or no mention in "news" reports. Why is that? "Black on white" murders likewise receive little or no 24 hour a day, seven day a week coverage from the black appeasing, tip toeing  "News" outlets. Now, why is that? We have a "president" (note the NON capitalized form) who early on interjects himself into this present issue implying that "If I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin". Wonder about that line of thought? Now why would a sitting President (forget for the moment that he is by his words half white but by his actions 200% black) even take time away from his golf and raising money for his Chicago Thugs feel the need to say something like that? But wait, this president, YOUR president, has shown several times that, with absolutely NO facts before him, he will champion the black cause thereby damning anything to do with any other racial involvement. DIdnt he call the police in Cambridge "stupid" and their actions appearing racist when they responded to a report that a black man was shouting and banging on a door and appeared to be breaking into a home in a neighborhood? Seems the perpetrator, a black and highly racist college instructor was in fact the home owner and was unable to get his front door open. But then when approached by white officers he screamed automatically "RACISM" and his cry was echoed by, wait for it ... YOUR president.

So, whilst having been knocked to the ground by this thug in Florida, straddled and pummeled in the face, having his head slammed into the concrete and screaming for help, all this witnessed by the way by a white man, a jury is told by a lying prosecution that this thug is screaming for help and is recorded as doing same. Why is he screaming for help if he is on top, if he is the one beating hell out of the other guy and making death threats? Yet, these facts are just ignored by blacks because they dont fit their image of portraying everyone else is out to victimize THEM. Facts are ignored and lies manufactured to solicit more appeasement from a more than willing public who will attempt to further appease them by throwing money and things at the mob and shouting, "Yeah, me too!". Maybe, even though a recognized jury said, "NOT GUILTY" they can find another shyster to sue for the "Murder" of their, or at least in their eyes already prejudiced against any actual facts, own. Oh, and they are hoping that their Messiah, Obama and his thug Holder will trump up some federal charges because they didnt get their way with a jury.

Does anyone see the dichotomy here besides me? Driven by generations of church and gang generated prejudice and bias this group, shouting to the world that THEY are not racist, find themselves totally immersed in the world of racism and can see the world only through that prism. That they blithely skip through life whilst black on black murders are perpetrated daily throughout the country and they insist on giving those murderers a free pass because they are black and therefore cannot be racist?

Because of generations of appeasement this has been allowed to evolve and probably can never be reversed. Because of Political Correctness, "White Guilt", Affirmative Action and the need to tip toe around a group of Americans less they scream "racism" we now have a massive group of citizens in our midst who expect the dole, who expect to be kowtowed to, who expect to be given any and everything they demand at the expense and loss of all others. Only they matter, certainly no one else. So if you dont follow their rules they will again smash windows, burn businesses and leap about like the fools they are for television cameras. They insist "We are a nation of laws" UNLESS the result of those laws do not fall in their favour then, out come the mobs again and the accompanying television cameras. Recall what I have said in the past about the US having become a third world nation? Ruled by a tin pot tyrant and controlled by a tin pot government? Think about it if you are even able to read these words!

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